Starfield “Breaking the Bank Quest” not Showing, Starting or Bugged

In our last few articles we have talked about – Starfield not working, Starfield mods not working, How to install Starfield mods, and so on.

Here, we are going to focus on a specific issue that is affecting one of the Quests “Breaking the Bank”.

For some players Breaking the Bank Quest” not Showing, Starting, or it is even Bugged.

If you are having trouble accessing this quest or are unable to finish to due some bug this article is for you.

How to fix Breaking the Bank Quest Not working issue

Fix Starfield "Breaking the Bank Quest" not Showing, Starting or Bugged

Starfield the latest game launched by Bethesda was one of the most awaited video games that has launched this year.

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Fans have been waiting since the toad Howard announced the game a few years back.

But just like any other newly released “Triple A” game, this game also has numerous bugs, glitches, and issues.

Breaking the Bank quest bug is one of these known issues that a large number of players are facing.

While some players are having difficulty locating this quest, some players having issues while trying to finish this mission.

Here is what you need to do in order to fix these problems –

Fix Breaking the Bank mission bugged

Similar to fixing any other Gameplay bug, if this Quest is bugged for you the best thing you can do is reload from the last save point.

Starfield allows you to quicksave your game, and it is recommended to either Quick save or create a new save file before starting any important mission on the conversation.

Just before you start this Quest, just create a save file by opening up the menu and choosing the “Save” option there.

You can also Quicksave by pressing the “F5” key on your keyboard.

If you suspect there is a bug during playing this mission simply load that save and start again.

Some glitches don’t affect your gameplay, but if that error is barring you from progressing further in the game, you do need to load your save file.

Fix Breaking the Bank not Showing or Starting

Fixing a bugged quest is simple, all you need to do is load your last save file and start again.

But players are also having another problem with this mission which is that this quest is not showing, starting, or visible in their quest log.

If this Breaking the Bank not Showing or Starting for you as well, here is how you can troubleshoot this error –

Ensure that you followed all Prerequisites

First, make sure that you have completed the previous mission and all of the prerequisites to start this mission.

If you have not finished the previous mission and learned the existence of a missing Galbank ship, you will not be able to start this mission.

Save, Exit, Start, and reload method

You can try reloading from the last save and check if that fixes the problem for you.

Just make sure the save file that you load is 1 mission before in the same Questline.

Furthermore, make sure to disable in mods or cheat engine that is running for this game.

Use the console command to start the mission

If reloading the save file does not work, you can try the console command to start this mission.

To do this first open the cheat console by pressing the ‘~‘ Tilde key on your keyboard.

Now type or enter “setstage 0023C6F1 15” without quotes and press enter on your keyboard.

Oncet that is done, the game will start the mission automatically and you can proceed further from there.

Please note: Using console commands to start or end a mission could break your game. So it’s always wise to save your game before trying any console commands.

Info about the Quest

Starfield Breaking the Bank is one of the side quests that pop up for the players once they join the Crimson Fleet as a double agent.

There are many decisions that players can make in this game that decide the state of the world in this game.

There are many ways you can accomplish this mission, for example, you can choose the way of violence or just use your Persuasion skill to get what you want during this Quest.

There are many hurdles that you will face during your gameplay, and how you will tackle them will depend on you.

How you complete this mission will change the final outcome and rewards you’ll receive once you finish this quest.

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