Fix ‘It Takes Two Crashing at Startup’ with These Solutions

Picture this: you’re pumped to dive into It Takes Two with a buddy, only to have those hopes dashed the second the game tries to launch. Yup, been there! Startup crashes are one of the worst enemies of any gamer, but don’t you worry fellow player.

Let’s walk through some solutions – from tech basics to more advanced tricks – and get you back to adventuring with Cody and May.

The Usual Suspects: Common Reasons Behind the Crashing

How to Fix It Takes two Crashing at Startup

When crashing does occur it either usually gives you a cryptic code or just close the game immediately.

In either case, it’s hard for the Players to identify the exact reason behind it.

And troubleshoot the problem if you don’t exactly know why this is happening.

In fact understanding the problem is always the first step toward the solution.

Keeping that in mind here are a few reasons that are likely culprit behind the It Takes Two Crashing at Startup problem on your PC:

  • Outdated Essentials: Like forgetting your anniversary, outdated graphics drivers, Windows, or the game itself can cause major drama.
  • Software Conflicts: Your antivirus or those fancy overlays might be getting a little too possessive of It Takes Two.
  • Missing or Corrupt Files: It happens, like accidentally spilling coffee on a love letter. Steam and the EA App can verify your game files and rewrite those smudged bits.
  • Problem with Game Servers: Similar to bugs, Software conflicts, and problems with the servers do happen. Especially when you are playing online multiple instead of local multiplayer.

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Simple Fix-It Toolkit for It takes two Crashing issues

  1. Verify and Repair: The Tech Equivalent of Deep Breaths: In your game library, find the option to verify game files. This is like taking a moment to find your center before tackling a problem.
  2. Updates: Like Spring Cleaning for Your PC: Hit up Windows Update, your graphics card manufacturer’s website…make sure everything is spick and span! This keeps things running smoothly.
  3. Clean Boot: Isolate the Issue: A clean boot temporarily puts background apps on a time-out. This lets you see if one of them is throwing a jealous fit and interfering with your game.

Taking It Up a Notch: Advanced Moves

Still crashing? Don’t worry, these options might do the trick:

  • C++ Redistributables: The Code Your Game Relies On: Think of these like the foundation of a house – sometimes you need to repair cracks. Reinstalling them can solve mysterious issues.
  • Lowering Graphics Settings: A Temporary Fix to Rule Things Out: I know, nobody wants to do this. But it’s like turning down the music at a loud party – it helps us see if the system’s being overwhelmed.

Where to Find More Help (Because Sometimes, You Just Need It)

  • Official Support: EA’s Help website and Steam forums are like calling a trusted friend for advice – they’re bound to have some ideas.
  • Reddit & Steam Community: Gaming communities often have that one secret trick that works like magic. They’re your tech-savvy neighbors who are always willing to help. You can access the It Takes Two Sub Reddit or It Steam community and ask for help there as well.

Back in the Game!

With a bit of persistence, you should be able to resolve the ‘It Takes Two crashing at startup’ error and get the game running smoothly.

Remember, video game errors might be frustrating sometimes, but overcoming them is part of the fun! Now, go help Cody and May figure things out.

I'm Rahul Bodana, Writer by day, YouTuber by night, coder when the coffee kicks in, and trader when I want to test the limits of my stress tolerance.

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