Starfield Not Working? – Fix Cargo Link, Docking & Launching

Starfield Not working and players are dozens of different bugs including issues with the Cargo link, Docking, Anti-gravity field, Fueled Generator, and Game failing to launch at the start.

These errors while usually appearing due to some sort of in-game glitches and bugs can be easily fixed.

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Starfield just like any AAA game at launch comes bundled with lots of different issues, glitches, and bugs which sometimes could be really frustrating.

While some of these errors only break your immersion a little bit, some of them could game-breaking and really affect your gameplay experience negatively.

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Till this that there has money issues have been reported by players due to Starfield not working properly.

Here are some of these issues –

  • The game does not launch after hitting the game launcher or trying to launch it from the steam.
  • The cargo link is not working even after having more than enough storage space available for transport on the Outpost.
  • One of the rare powers this game offers is – Anti-gravity power. However, some of the players have reported that anti-gravity power is having no effect on them.
  • Docking is not working and players are unable to dock during some missions like “High price to pay”, “Into the unknown” and “Eye of the Storm”.
  • Rejuvenation which is one of the features in the game is not working while the player is in combat.

How to Fix Starfield not working issues

How to Fix Starfield not working

You can fix Starfield not working issues first by identifying the reason behind the error and then following the troubleshooting steps that fix that root cause.

However, not every issue can be fixed by players alone, in that case, all we need to do is apply a workaround till developers release a patch where they address that issue.

Here are some of the most common errors and troubleshooting steps that you can take to fix these errors –

Starfield not launching or failed to start

Game not launching issues isn’t only specific to Starfield.

This issue is common with all of the Bathestha games and a few other popular titles as well.

The most likely reasons why this game failed to start or not launch could be corruption in game files, corrupted save files, Mod conflicts, and outdated graphic card drivers.

Here is the troubleshooting guide that you can follow step-by-step to fix this error –

  1. Open your Graphic Card management software. For example, if you are using NVIDIA, it is “Geoforce Experience”. Make sure that the latest version is installed on your computer.
  2. Next, use the Steam integrity check to ensure that none of the game files is missing from the game directory.
  3. If you are using mods with this game, try disabling all the mods with a mod manager and see if it changes anything.
  4. If nothing works you could try clean installing “Starfield” after removing it from your computer.

Starfield Cargo Link not working

Cargo Links are a sort of storage object used to transfer goods. You can say it links two different outposts and allows the transfer in between them.

You can place these Cargo links on any of your Starfield outposts and it doesn’t require any fuel in order to function.

But these Cargo links not working especially the InterSystem Cargo links seem to be broken for some players.

For regular cargo links to function you don’t require any fuel but as for InterSystem Cargo links you do require He3 to run.

For some players, it seems to be bugged, and the only working solution they have found so far is reloading the game from an earlier save where the issue wasn’t present.

The anti-gravity field not working

The anti-gravity field allows players to create localized fields where gravity is intensively low. 

Using this power you can lift enemies off the ground, the enemies whom you use this power are also unable to move or use their weapons.

If after getting this power, it is not working for you, here is how can troubleshoot it –

  1. You can target only enemies with Anti-gravity power, you can’t target yourself.
  2. This would cost 45. If you don’t have enough power you will not be able to use this. Just use it when you have enough power to use it.
  3. Make sure you are using the right key to activate the field. For PC you can press the X key to activate it. You can use this on Xbox by pressing the LB and RB buttons simultaneously.
  4. Make your key bind setting and ensure that above-mentioned keys are not mapped to another function.

Docking not working with some missions

During some of the missions such as Eye of the Storm, Into the Unknown, or High Price to Pay, some of the Starfield players have noticed that they are unable to dock their ship. 

In short Starfield docking not working for them during these missions.

If this issue happens randomly you can consider a glitch but this actually happens to a large number of players, especially during these mentioned missions.

Here I am assuming you are fully aware of the docking mechanism and how it works.

For now, if it isn’t working for you the only possible workaround is that you could try reloading recent quicksave to fix this.

Fueled Generator not working

Starfield Fueled generators are a sort of power generator in this game that you can place on your base while building your base.

Compared to other generators or extractors they provide much more power but on the downside, they need more resources to function.

For example, it requires 1 unit of Helium per minute.

But while building and using these, some of the players are really confused about how it is used since there is no way you can insert Helium-3 Manually in order to start it.

So as a result most of the players do think that the ‘Fueled Generator not working’ for them but in reality they just need to follow one extra step to power it.

In order to Fix the Fueled Generator not working you just need to build a gas storage container and link it to your Generator.

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Further FAQs

Why am having issues while playing the Starfield?

Wast Triple games especially the one that has been just released are bound to have some issues. Usually, most of these issues go away as developers steadily update the game.

Why Starfield mods are not working for me?

The most probable reason why Starfield mods not working for you is that perhaps there is some conflict between mods. Outdated, incompatible mods are a few other issues that might break the game for you.

Why are Starfield mods not working with GamePass?

While both the Game pass version and base game are identically the same game, UWP executables are significantly different from the Steam version. Due to that reason, some mods do bode well with the gamepass version.

How to Fix Starfield not launching issue on Steam?

Corrupted save files or Game files, Mod conflicts, and outdated graphic card drivers are a few possible reasons why you are not able to launch this game. Identify which one is the root cause and you can fix the game opening problem according to it.


Starfield not working on many occasions and for many missions for the players.

This guide is all about how you can troubleshoot these errors and continue your game without any further hurdles.

We have talked about how to fix various issues such as – launching errors, fueled generators, docking, Rejuvenation, cargo link and anti-gravity not working.

By following CnbDaily’s troubleshooting and applying these steps you might be able to solve these issues.

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