Nier Automata Crashing on Steam Deck? – How to Fix

Is Nier Automata crashing on your Steam Deck? It can be super frustrating, especially when you’re fully absorbed in the game’s unique world.

Chances are you were probably drawn to Nier Automata because of its awesome action, thought-provoking story, and stunning art style.

It’s a fantastic game, so it’s all the more maddening when those crashes rear their ugly head on your Steam Deck.

But don’t worry, let’s see if we can get you back to hacking and slashing through those robots.

Why exactly It’s Crashing on Steam Deck?

Solving Nier Automata Crashing on Steam Deck

Sometimes figuring out these crashes feels like a detective game.

Here are some common culprits to investigate:

  • Compatibility Problems: You might face incompatibility issues when a game is not compatible with your gaming systems and in our case, it’s Steam deck.
  • Proton Problems: The Steam Deck uses Proton to let you run Windows games. Compatibility isn’t always perfect.
  • Unhappy Graphics Drivers: Outdated or buggy graphics drivers can make games throw a fit.
  • The Dreaded Overlays: Discord’s overlay, performance monitors – all those little programs that put stuff on top of your game? They can interfere sometimes.
  • Resource Hogs: If you’re running a ton of stuff in the background on your Steam Deck, it might be starving Nier Automata for resources.

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How to Fix when Nier Automata Crashing on your Steam Deck

Let’s walk through some solutions, one step at a time:

  1. Proton Shuffle: Right-click Nier Automata in your Steam library, go to “Properties” -> “Compatibility,” and try forcing the use of different Proton versions. “Proton Experimental” is sometimes a good bet.
  2. The Overlay Overhaul: Disable any overlays you’re using. Sometimes the less stuff trying to draw over the game, the better.
  3. Resource Check: Before launching Nier Automata, take a peek at what else is running on your Deck. Close down things you don’t immediately need.
  4. Visual Tweaks: Dive into the game’s graphics settings. Sometimes lowering effects like anti-aliasing helps stability, even if it makes the game a little less pretty.

Other FAQs

My Nier Automata keeps crashing on Steam Deck, help!

This is a frustrating issue, but let’s troubleshoot. First, ensure your Steam Deck’s system software and graphics drivers are fully up-to-date. Check the game’s settings and lower graphics options like resolution and anti-aliasing for better stability. You can also try using different Proton compatibility versions in Steam Deck’s settings for Nier Automata.

Does the FAR mod cause Nier Automata to crash on Steam Deck?

While the FAR mod offers fixes for PCs, it can sometimes cause instability on Steam Deck. If you have it installed, try disabling it temporarily to see if the crashing stops. Consider seeking out Steam Deck-specific compatibility patches for the FAR mod if you wish to use it.

Are there known bugs causing Nier Automata Steam Deck crashes?

Sometimes, specific bugs can cause instability. Check online forums like the Steam Community discussions for Nier Automata or ProtonDB for reports from other Steam Deck users. You might find workarounds or be aware of upcoming patches that address these bugs.

How do I check for Nier Automata error messages on Steam Deck?

While not always present, error messages can be helpful in diagnosing crashes. If possible, try taking a screenshot of the error when it happens. Even if you don’t understand the technical details, the error message can be useful when searching for solutions online.

Don’t Give Up Just yet!

Think of Steam Deck as a Handheld version of your Gaming PC, while it power packed and is powerful enough for a handheld gaming console, sometimes it’s not powerful enough to run some games.

As a result, the game might crash, take forever to load, freeze, or render some nonsensical or weird error code.

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So it’s always better to just check system requirements and Steam deck compatibility batch before installing any game.

In the case of Nier Automata according to some reviews, this is one of the best and perfect deck games and plays amazingly even on 60FPS.

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