Steam Deck not Showing or Working on Smart TV

Steam Deck not showing on Smart TV happens when there is some kind of communication issue between the steam deck and your Television set.

Other than that there are many reasons why you are unable to stream a screen from your handheld gaming PC.

This Guide is all about How to Fix Steam Deck not showing on Smart TV and Possible reasons why the Steam deck is not working on your TV.

Why is Steam Deck not showing on Smart TV?

Steam Deck not Showing or Working on Smart TV

Here are some of the Reasons Why Steam Deck is showing on your Smart TV –

Problem with TV

The problem can be also related to the television set which you are trying to connect.

Sometimes TVs have another input mode turned on which can be easily fixed by switching to HDMI mode.

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Faulty HDMI Cable or Dock

If your HDMI cable or the Dock that you are using to connect is faulty the final output will be faulty as well.

If the HDMI cable is faulty you might not see pictures and audio on your TV.

Hardware defect with Port

The port on your steam deck might have some defect that is stopping you from streaming its content on TV.

Hardware related problem is common, and when USB-C port would have some defect it will not output any content on your TV.

Software related glitch

Software-related bugs or glitches can also affect functionality to connect with other devices as well.

Ensuring that your Steam deck is up to date with the latest will minimize the risk of OS, Driver, or software-related issues.

How to Fix the Steam deck not working on Smart TV?

You can Fix Steam Deck not working error by first identifying the root cause of the issue and then applying troubleshooting steps especially to fix that problem.

We all know that the Steam Deck screen is smaller compared to your regular gaming PC.

It is perfect when you just want to play games from keeping it in your hands.

But what about playing this game on a bigger screen?

Fortunately Steam has provided the option to output using your USB-C to HDMI adapter you can connect your steam deck to any of the Smart TV that supports streaming.

Here are some of the most common problems happening when players are trying to connect the Steam deck to their Android or iOS Smart TV –

  • Steam Deck is not detecting the Television monitor.
  • Users are unable to connect the steam deck to their TV without a dock.
  • Steam Deck content is not showing on their TV.
  • Television showing blank, no pictures or sound when trying to connect the steam deck.
  • There is no video output on your television.

These are just some of the examples of the issue where the Steam deck not working on TV.

There are some errors as well but essentially the point is the same TV is not providing output.

To Fix Steam Deck not showing issue here is the troubleshooting steps that you can Follow –

Ensure HDMI mode turn on

Televisions and monitors do provide multiple different input options for users.

When you just connect Steam deck using your HDMI cable to TV and there is nothing on screen make sure that you switch input to HDMI.

Check your HDMI Cable and Docking station

When we connect the Steam deck to the TV we connect it using HDMI Cable.

But when the HDMI cable itself is faulty pictures and audio will not be streamed on your TV or monitor.

So first ensure that the HDMI cable and Dock that you are using to connect are not faulty.

You can check it by connecting with another device or using another cable if you have another spare HDMI cable.

Reboot and update Steam Deck

Temporary glitch with electronic devices happens all the time.

When this happens simply rebooting your Steam deck might help.

Sometime it could be linked to older drivers, firmware, or OS.

Make sure that you keep your Steam Deck up to date.

Try connecting HDMI without Power Cable

For most Steam deck users Connecting the HDMI cable to your TV without using a power cable seems to fix this issue.

For this Workaround to work, first, make sure that the power cable is not connected to your dock but HDMI is plugged in.

Now try to boot the try to connect it to your Smart TV.

Get support from Steam Deck Support

When nothing works, its time to ask some serious questions from the steam deck support team.

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To get support from steam for your Steam deck simply head over to this support page.

If you aren’t logged in to your Steam account, it’ll ask you to log in.

Just login with your steam account and hit the “Contact Steam support” option there to fix Steam Deck not working on Smart TV.

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