Is Foamstars Server Down? – How to Confirm the Status

Foamstars is one of the recent additions to online party shooting Games.

For the players who love to enjoy gaming with their friends rather than going solo, this is one of the best game releases so far, however, PC players might be a little disappointed considering this game is only available for PlayStation consoles.

Foamstars is available for PlayStation 5 and PS4 At the time of writing this article there is no update on whether this game was going to launch on Steam for the PC player.

However, we are not here to talk about its availability on PC (are we, well that is an entirely different topic) What we are here to discuss is Whether to check Foamstars server is down and how can you confirm its server status.

How to check Foamstars Server status

Is Foamstars Server Down - Check Server status

While there is no official dedicated server status page available that offers detailed information about the ongoing server outage or glitches there are a few ways you can confirm the Foamstars server status –

Check the Official Foamstars X account

Head over to X (formally known as Twitter) and visit the official hand @foamstarsgame.

Click on the replies tab there. If there is an ongoing issue other users might have reported there. you can also ask the same question to the developer there.

Ask on the official Discord Channel

If you haven’t already joined the official FoamStars discord server. there you can ask various questions related to game and server status, ongoing glitches are one of them.

Use the official Support page

If the problem persists for a long time let’s say, more than a few hours and you are not able to play the game or have any really serious issues contact the support.

There are various ways you can contact customer support.

One of these is heading over to the support page on the Square Enix (Developer) website support page.

Here is the link –

Other Third-party Tool

Other than official resources you can also use a few third-party tools, such as –

  • Downdetector: Provides information on when the servers were down and currently it is down or not.
  • Outage Report: Provides the current server or service outage.

While these tools third-party tools might be useful they don’t provide accurate data on why the servers were down and when they are going to get up.

Is Foamstars Server down right now?

When we face any kind of technical issue with this game the most likely question that comes to anyone’s mind is that Foamstars server is down right now.

Yes, chances are that the sudden technical glitches for the large majority of the time could be attributed to the server outage, but there are a few other possible reasons as well –

  • Bug in your game: Games do have bugs, that’s a fact, it the fact can’t be truer for the latest game that was released just a few days ago.
  • The issue with your network connection: Perhaps the connectivity error you are getting while in the game could be due to network constitutes rather than network connectivity.
  • PSN Server Outage: Yes, I know this is a server down issue as well. But instead of the Foamstar server outage, perhaps the PlayStation network might be down right now.

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