Starfield Mods Not Working? – Identify and Resolve the Issue

Have you Modded your Starfield game recently but these Starfield mods not working? Is your game crashing after installing mods or are you seeing some strange glitches in the game after modding Starfield?

The game which is developed by Bethesda was always the most modded game in the entire PC gaming industry.

The reason behind this was very simple – bathetha did welcome the modding community with open arms.

Whether it Skyrim, Fallout 4, or New Vegas there are thousands upon thousands of mods are available to change almost any aspect of these games.

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Starfield is the latest game developed and published by Bathetha so it is expected this will also receive the same treatment and so it did.

But modding games is not always easy, it could create some issues with your game.

Here in this article, we are going to troubleshoot these issues, here we are going to see how to fix Starfield mods not working.

How to Fix Starfield Mods not working?

You can easily fix Starfield mods not working or any mods which is causing any issue, glitches, or crashing on your game by following these easy-to-follow troubleshooting steps –

Have you edited the “StarfieldCustom.ini ” file yet?

Before installing any mod, before even installing a mod manager like Vortex you have to edit your “StarfieldCustom.ini” file to make your Starfield installation folder compatible with modding.

To do this you simply have to head over to Document > My Games > Starfield and there look for for “StarfieldCustom.ini” file.

Open it with Notepad and add the following lines are there –




If these lines aren’t there just copy and add these lines in that file.

Install any Pre-requisites for the mod

Some of the mods do require some other mods in order to function properly.

So before installing any mods, just make sure to check the “Requirements” section under the “Description” tab on the mod page.

Make sure to download all the required files beforehand.

If you see “This mod does not have any known dependencies” then you don’t need any additional files or mod.

Check and remove any Conflicting Mods

Not all mods are compatible with each other.

Installing incompatible mods not together in the best case does nothing and at worst it will break your game.

So it’s best to avoid installing the mods which perform almost the same action.

Mods that do the same things usually don’t bode well with each other.

Of course, there is an exception to everything, and if there is you could find it under the description of that mod or the “Posts” tab of that mod on the nexusmods website.

Ensure mods are compatible with the Current Game Version

When Bathestha published any major update some of the mods (which haven’t been updated) stopped working or could cause crashes or other issues.

If there is a huge update, it is best to avoid updating your game until your mod authors also update their mods to support the latest game version.

Try disabling and re-enabling the mods from the mod manager

Disabling and enabling your mods using Vortex mod manager sometimes can fix the mod that is not working in your game.

It is also useful when Starfield not working due to modding and you want to identify the real culprit.

Disabling mods one by one is the perfect method to root out any mods which is causing any issues to your game.

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In Conclusion

Modding a game is a tricky thing, this holds especially true for games like Starfield; where you as a modder won’t stop at just one mod.

and if you install multiple mods conflicts are bound to happen.

Whether it’s in the form of some glitch or the game crashing randomly.

There is also a point to consider where the mod does not work for you, as it is supposed to.

This guide helps you fix “Starfield mods not working” issues and by following the steps mentioned above you can easily troubleshoot these problems, most of the time.

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