Fix Failed to Join Game Session error on Skull and Bones

The “Failed to Join Game Session” error or the “error establishing a connection to the game” appears regularly for online multiplayer games like Skull and Bones.

Most of the time, it’s hard to pinpoint the exact reason why this is happening to you.

Maybe it’s a glitch in the game’s server or there’s some buried treasure that messed with the online connections… either way, it’s annoying, and when this happens, you really can’t join any of your friends.

Well, even though it’s hard to pinpoint the exact reason behind the problem, here are a few trusty tricks you can try to get your ship back on course.

In this guide, we are going to do just that. Here, I’ll provide you with a few basic troubleshooting steps that will help you fix the Skull and Bones “Failed to Join Game Session” error.

How to Fix “Failed to Join Game Session” Error in Skull and Bones

Failed to Join Game Session error on Skull and Bones

When this error pops up for no good reason and kicks you straight back to the main menu, it feels like your ship got attacked by a Kraken before you even left port.

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But hey, worry not fellow pirate! Here are a few troubleshooting steps you can follow to fix the problem:

Restart the Game and Your Computer

Seriously, this works more often than you’d think. Just close the whole game down and try again. Think of it like giving your computer a mini-break to refresh.

When it refreshes, you can continue playing the game like there was no problem before.

However, sometimes, it doesn’t work. In that case, jump to the next step in this troubleshooting guide.

Upgrade Your Gear

Outdated graphics cards and game files can be the root of all sorts of trouble, whether it’s freezing, flickering, or a game stuck at the loading screen for an hour.

There might be a chance that this could also be the reason you are not able to proceed to a gaming session. Make sure your graphics card drivers and the game itself are up-to-date.

Check Your Connection (And Maybe Ditch the Wi-Fi)

A shaky internet connection is like a storm at sea – it makes everything harder! Check that you’re online and, if possible, try using a wired connection.

A broadband, high-speed connection is a must if you play online games. Resetting your router can sometimes help too.

Think of it like giving your internet a little pep talk.

Let the Game Through the Firewall

Not all connection issues happen due to a slow network connection. Sometimes your computer’s firewall gets a bit overprotective, like a grumpy old lighthouse keeper.

It might be blocking Skull and Bones from talking to the servers. Make sure you’ve allowed the game through your firewall settings so it can sail the digital seas freely.

Usually, when you first install the game, you’ll get a popup to allow the game through the firewall, but in case you have not allowed it, you can do so from your firewall settings on your PC.

Make Sure Your Files Are in Ship Shape

If nothing else has worked, you might have a slightly wonky install file.

In your game launcher, find the option to “Verify Files” – it’s sort of like a spell-check for your game.

Perhaps It’s Ubisoft’s Fault

Hey, sometimes it really is on their end! Especially with a new game, the servers can get overloaded.

It’s annoying, but try again after a little while, and things might be smoother.

When the game is new, it takes some time for developers to sort out all the bugs.

Once they do, your game will start working without any issues.

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Online games can be unpredictable, especially shortly after they launch.

Sometimes the strangest errors appear to have the most straightforward solutions. Hopefully, one of these approaches worked to fix Skull and Bones. You are presently sailing the seas and plundering to your heart’s content after encountering a Failed to Join Game Session error.

If not, perhaps Ubisoft’s servers are simply having a terrible day; try again later and you could discover smoother waters.

I'm Rahul Bodana, Writer by day, YouTuber by night, coder when the coffee kicks in, and trader when I want to test the limits of my stress tolerance.

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