Call of Duty MW3 Error Code 0x00001337: How to Fix!

While gaming getting constant error codes is quite irritating, especially when they disrupt a marathon MW3 session. And one those dreaded irritation is error code 0x00001337 which right now disrupting game play session of surprising number of Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 players.

If you are having the same problem, you don’t have to worry since the following guide will help you comprehend what’s going on and return to dominating the battlefield.

What Does Error Code 0x00001337 Mean?

Fix MW3 Error Code 0x00001337

Before troubleshooting the problem. Let’s start with understanding what this error code means.

Typically, error code 0x00001337 indicates a problem with the Call of Duty MW3 game files.

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This could refer to anything from a minor malfunction to corrupted data. Here are some of the most prevalent causes for this issue.:

  • Corrupted Game Files: Files can become damaged during installation, updates, or due to other reasons. For example some antivirus softwares can either delete a game file or flag it accidently.
  • Outdated Graphics Drivers: Your graphics card needs the latest software to function optimally with games. Every card provided release updates making it compatible with newnly launched game.
  • Software Conflicts: Sometimes, other programs running on your computer can interfere with MW3’s operation. Specially if that probgram has admin level access like Antivirus.
  • Hardware Issues: In less frequent cases, a hardware problem might be causing the error. It could also happen if you are trying to running MW3 even when you don’t have compatible system.

Troubleshooting Steps to Fix Error Code 0x00001337

Now, let’s get to the heart of the matter – fixing this error! We’ll start with simple solutions and gradually move towards more advanced ones.

Beginner-Friendly Fixes

Before stepping into some Advance technical solution, first try these basic troubleshootingn which is easy to follow and might resolve the error:

  • Restart: The age-old advice of “turn it off and on again” can work wonders! A full restart can clear temporary issues and give your system a fresh start.
  • Verify Game Files: Most game platforms have a built-in option to check if your game files are intact. Use the “verify integrity of game files” feature to scan your MW3 installation for any problems.

Intermediate Solutions

  • Update Your Graphics Drivers: Outdated graphics drivers are a common culprit behind game errors. Make sure you have the latest drivers installed for your specific graphics card (NVIDIA or AMD).
  • Check for Software Conflicts: Temporarily disable background programs like antivirus software, overlays, or anything else that could potentially interfere with MW3.

Advanced Troubleshooting (Proceed with Caution!)

Follow these steps only if you know what you are doing.

Otherwise you can ask for help from your friends who is good with computers.

Here are teh some advance troubleshooting steps which you can follow:

  • Hardware Check: If you suspect your hardware might be the issue, ensure your computer meets the system requirements for MW3. Additionally, check that your hardware isn’t overheating.
  • Reinstall MW3: If the previous steps don’t help, a fresh reinstall of the game might be the solution. Try backing up your saved game data beforehand.
  • System File Checker: Windows has a built-in tool to repair corrupt system files, but use it with caution. Research how to use the System File Checker (SFC) before proceeding.

Preventing Future Errors

While errors and glitches are unavoidable most of the time specially when you are playing a video, sometime you can minimize their chhances of happening them in near future.

and the best way to avoid frustrating errors in future is to take preventative measures right now.

Here are few of those preventive measures:

  • Keep Everything Updated: Regularly update your game, operating system, and drivers to ensure everything’s running smoothly.
  • System Requirements: Make sure your computer can comfortably handle the demands of MW3.
  • Optimised Settings: If you have older hardware, consider lowering some graphics settings for a more stable experience.

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While error code 0x00001337 may be inconvenient, following these methods should help you resolve it.

Remember that troubleshooting involves patience. If you continue to have troubles, please contact Activision Support.

With this type of error, there is a risk that the problem is widespread and not limited to your gaming system.

So, if none of the troubleshooting methods work, Activision probably knows what’s going on with MW3.

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