How to Fix It Takes Two Controller not working Error on PC

Is It Takes Two Controller not working for you?

In this guide, we are going to explore how to tackle gaming controllers not working issues with the game.

It takes Two Controller not working

It takes two controller not working

It takes two game was developed by Hazelight Studios and published by is best described as Puzzle solving and platforming video game with co-op functionality.

Here even tho it’s best for playing co-op with your friend, it can be also played by single-player, where you can take control of either of two available characters during your gameplay.

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This game as you doubt already aware is about Cody and May.

Player has the option to switch between Cody and May at any time during their gameplay as they saw feet.

Both of the characters available in this game have their own qualities, abilities, and weapons they can use.

If you have a partner or friend to play this game you can each take the helm of each character in this game.

Due to the co-op nature of this game, you may require two different controllers, if you are playing this on the same console or PC.

But this could be a problem if your Controller is not working properly with this game.

If It Takes Two Controllers not working on your PC and you wanna how to troubleshoot this issue, this guide is for you.

Why is It Takes Two Controller not working?

Being a game that is available across all the major gaming platforms, it supports almost all kinds of game controllers.

So if you are playing this game on PC and you want to play this game with your Xbox or Playstation controller, there will be an issue for you.

At least, that is for most of the time.

Sometimes, due to one of the following reasons Controller might not work with It Takes Two on your PC –

  • Trouble Connecting to your PC.
  • The driver required for that controller to work is not installed on your computer.
  • You have not configured the gamepad in the steam controller settings.
  • The game hasn’t detected the gamepad or you haven’t switched to the controller.
  • Other possible causes of the issue include disabled controller support on the PC, outdated controller drivers, and connecting the controller while the game is starting.

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How to Fix It Takes Two Controller not working errors

In case the controller not working It takes two games for you, here is what you can do to fix this problem –

Step 1 – Make sure the controller is connected properly

The gaming controller can be connected either by using a USB wire or Wireless (With Bluetooth).

In either case, when you first connect it to your PC, it’ll install some drivers to make it compatible with your computer.

If the controller is not working, it could be due to its not connected properly.

Check the controller and try again.

Step 2 – Did you switch to controller input?

For both Steam and this game, there are settings that allow you to configure a gaming controller on your PC.

Make sure you have configured your Xbox, PS4, PS5 Dualshock, Nintendo, or any other gaming controller in steam settings.

As for the game itself, when a gamepad is connected you will be able to switch input from the keyboard & mouse to the gamepad that you have connected to your computer.

Step 3 – Make sure the issue is not with Gamepad

Sometimes there might be some problem with your gaming controller.

Ensure that there is no issue with your gaming controller for example a low battery or faulty cable could cause problems with any game that you are playing.

Step 4 – Try to re-connect your gaming controller

Sometimes, you might be not able to connect your Gaming controller on the first try.

If that happens you can always disconnect and try to connect the controller again.

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Other Questions

How do I enable the controller for It Takes two?

For a PC, it depends on the controller that you want to connect. This game supports almost all kinds of Controllers. So if you want to play with any gamepad, you just need to plug it into your PC. While you are in-game choose the controller instead of the keyboard & mouse and you are good to go.

Can you play It takes two with 2 controllers?

Yes, if you want to play couch co-op on a single console or gaming PC you can use either 2 joy cons or 2 gamepad controllers.

How do I add a second controller to play co-op in this game?

Yes, a Second controller can be added to this game, if you want to play co-op.

Can you play It takes two with only one controller?

Both single-player and Co-op are supported in this game. If you prefer to go solo, you can use a single controller to play this game all by yourself.

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