Shape Revision Zero not working properly in Destiny 2 – How to Fix

Is Shape Revision Zero not working properly 0r even showing on the Map After the recent update of Destiny 2? or is this Quest simply not showing for you on Destiny 2 map?

Afraid not dear readers, in this yet another gaming article I am going to show you How you can Fix Revision Zero Quest when it’s not working properly.

Fix Shape Revision Zero not working properly

How to Fix Shape Revision Zero not working Properly

Destiny 2 is free to play an MMORPG first-person shooter game with massive multiplayer features like PvP, PvE, and Co-op.

This is a fun game if you are a fan of online multiplayer shooter games and comes with its own immersive storyline, and different classes like Titan, Warlock, and Hunter.

It offers thousands of different weapons with lots and lots of different gear combinations and customization which gives the player the freedom to define their own personal combat style for this game.

Other than offering a visually stunning immersive cinematic storyline you can also enjoy various co-op missions and multiple PvP modes to play solo or with your friends.

One of these missions is – Revision Zero Quest.

You have to complete this mission in order to unlock an exotic gun in Destiny 2 game.

The problem is not the quest itself but the error Shape Revision Zero not working where players cannot shape Revision Zero after completing the mission and getting the quest.

For some players, this quest isn’t even showing on their game map after the recent Destiny 2 update let alone getting Shape Revision Zero not working error.

How to fix Revision Zero Quest Issue on Destiny 2

The problem is not the whole Revision Zero but more specifically one of the steps during this quest where games ask you to – “Shape Revision Zero“.

Multiple Destiny 2 players reported that they are not able to Shape the revision zero when they got to this step.

Other said that they were able to shape it, but once they did this step they were unable to progress further in the Questline.

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Here is a Reddit thread where people are talking about this issue.

Here is something that you have to note to finish the last step in this mission is –

  • Do not reshape it – If you do reshape you are just wasting crafting material reshaping will not work here.
  • Level up Revision Zero – Level up the gun when you gave it as a quest reward. When you extract the pattern you can able to shape this thing up.
  • Patter not unlocked issue – on Enclave if you are seeing Pattern not yet unlocked it means that you have to level up this gun first before you shape it.

What is Revision Zero? and How to shape this exotic Rifle?

If you still don’t know how you can shape Revision Zero exotic pulse rifle during this mission you can watch this video for pointers –

Once you shaped this weapon you will be able to proceed to the next step.

However, considering the problem is not the shaping part but the inability to proceed from there, here are a few suggestions that might help you –

Once you finished the mission, you will be given Revision Zero but in order to use this weapon you have to shape it first.

To shape your own Revision Zero pulse rifle you can dismantle the one you got.

Another way if you don’t want to dismantle – you can take this to the lost sector, level this up, and extract resonant elements.

Once it is extracted you can go enclave on mars and now you can shape your Revision Zero rifle.

One thing here that you have to note is that in order to complete this mission you have to shape a brand new Revision Zero, reshaping will not finish this mission.

Why is Revision Zero Mission not showing on Map?

Revision Zero is basically a secret mission.

Unlocking this rifle is part of Operation: Seraph’s shield.

On that operation, once you loot Seraph chest for week 3 you need to interact with Holoprojector which you will find near the Exo frame there.

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Once Operation: Seraph’s shield is finished again you have to talk with Exo frame, and you will be rewarded with a Revision zero.

The shaping part for this weapon will come once you get this as a reward.

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