How to Fix the PS4 Controller not working on Windows PC?

You can connect your PlayStation 4 DualShock controller to your PC using Bluetooth.

However, more often than not, users find issues due to incompatibility with the PC.

Users after connecting or on time to connect the PS4 controller might get the issue of not being recognized by the PC or Gamepad not working properly.

In this guide, we are going to discuss How to Fix the PS4 controller not working on PC.

PS4 Controller not working on PC

Windows Computers are mainly used for Gaming with Keyboard and mouse.

While the keyboard and mouse are superior to gaming controllers (Especially with the FPS game), sometimes you want to play with gamepads.

However, Some games work best with controllers, not to mention that the haptic feedback (Vibration) just increase the immersion of gaming.

Other than Keyboard and mouse, Windows PC works best with Xbox controllers.

But not all of us have Xbox controllers lying around and why should we purchase one (if you already have a PS controller)?

If you don’t know, you can read How to connect PS4 controller to PC.

Connecting your PlayStation controller to the computer is easy, however, sometimes users may face issues.

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Especially since computers do not natively support PS4 controllers out of the box.

That’s why here we are going to discuss how to fix the PS4 Controller not working on PC.

How to Fix PS4 Controller not Connecting to PC?

Here is the process you can follow to fix the PS4 controller not connecting or not recognizing errors –

Step 1 – Connecting controller properly

To connect your wireless controller you have to choose to add a device > Bluetooth and choose controller while trying to connect it to the PC.

Your device might require additional Bluetooth drivers when you first time try to use it.

Step 2 – Make sure that the Controller is Fully Charged

Sometimes the issue might be perhaps because the battery of your Gamepad isn’t fully charged.

Make sure to charge your Controller fully before proceeding to connect the PS4 Controller to the PC.

Step 3 – Reset the PS4 controller

You can reset your PS4 controller if it’s not working properly.

Resetting the PlayStation controller is easy.

First, remove any cable connected to it and then locate the reset hole near the l2 button on your gamepad.

Use a paperclip or pin to insert in the hole and press the button for about five seconds.

Once that is done press the Ps4 button on the center of the controller to resync it.

Step 4 – Use DS4Windows App

DS4 is the app that mimics the Xbox input but from your PlayStation controller.

When the PlayStation gaming controller does not work, you can try to use DS4 windows to map your DualShock 3, 4, or 5 to your Windows PC.

Is PS4 Controller not working on the PC?

The PS4 DualShock controller presents two ways to connect it to your PC.

First is the Wired method where you have to use a USB-to-micro-USB cable.

And second is the Wireless method, where you can pair the gamepad with your Laptop or desktop via Bluetooth connection.

The PlayStation controller itself is not fully natively support like the Xbox controller but if the game support it, it will work nicely.

To make sure the controller working, you have to check with the game that supports the PlayStation controller on PC.

How to Fix PS4 Gaming Controller not working on Steam?

Even tho games are made available for PC, most of the games that support Xbox controller supports PlayStation controllers as well.

Games that you installed using Steam if they are compatible support controller.

You just have to make sure that you enable PS4 Controller support in Steam controller settings.

If the controller not working for you, follow this troubleshooting guide-

  1. Make sure you successfully set up DS4 on your Windows PC (optional: Only for the games that do not support PS4 Gamepad but work with Xbox controller).
  2. Once you connect the controller to your PC, Launch steam > Settings > Controller Setting > and make sure Playstation controller support is enabled.
  3. Head over to the steam page of the game where the controller not working and make sure that it supports the gamepad. If it supports the (developer) mentioned on its store page.
  4. You might need to switch the input type in the game setting itself. Switch to the gaming controller in your Game settings.


How do I get my PC to recognize the PS4 controller?

If followed all the steps to pair your, PS4 gaming controller, to a PC, it should be connected. Sometimes your PC might not recognize the PS4 controller. If that happens check that Gamepad drivers are installed in your Windows 10 or Windows 11 PC.

Why won’t my PS4 controller connect with USB?

You can connect the PS4 controller using USB, but sometime it might not works. Make sure that you have all of the required drivers up to date and check if it working with the supported games.

Why is my controller not connecting to the PC?

Older drivers and Bluetooth issues might cause the issues to connect. Follow the troubleshooting guide to fix an issue that is causing an error in connection.

How do I connect my PS4 controller to Windows 10?

PlayStation’s DualShock controller works wirelessly and using Bluetooth you can connect it to your PC. You can follow the How to Connect PS4 controller to PC guide.

Why is my PS4 controller connected to my PC but not working?

PS4 Gamepad doesn’t work on Windows PC unlike Xbox controllers (Which work out of the box). You can install DS4 to make sure it works properly on your computer or laptop.

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