How to enable The Chant Controller Support? – and fix not working

The Chant fully supports various Gaming Controllers on PC which you can enable in Settings.

This short guide explains how you can enable The Chant Controller support or Fix issue when the controller is not working properly.

The Chant Controller Support

The Chant Controller Support

The Chant is a horror game with few action-adventure elements in it.

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The chant was released for the Playstation consoles a few years back and recently published for PC gamers.

This game revolves around Jess Briars, stuck on the demon and cosmic dread-filled island.

Its described as Psychedelic Horror Game where in order to escape a horrific island you explore the island and uncover the island cult and reverse the ritual.

You can buy this game from the steam store.

If you have checked on its Steam store page, you might have noticed that it has full controller support.

So it means other than using your Keyboard and mouse you can also play this game using any Supported gaming controller.

According to PC Gaming Wiki, it supports the following types of Gamepads types –

  • Xinput-compatible controllers.
  • Xbox button prompts.
  • DualShock 4 controllers.
  • Generic gaming controllers.

How to Enable The Chant Controller Support?

To enable Controller support in this game, you do not have to follow any separate process.

Having connected your Xbox, PS4, and PS5 controller to your PC is enough.

Once you connected your Gaming controller open The game and from there you can switch your controls to a gamepad.

In the game Setting > under controls > choose controller if it is not switched automatically.

Any gamepad as long as both Steam and PC are able to recognize it, supports this game.

However, if you are playing on a PC, It’s best that you use your Xbox Gamepad to play this game.

How to Fix Controller not working Issues

Are you having issues such as The Chant Controller not working, the gaming controller suddenly stopping during gameplay, or the game not detecting the controller?

Worry not, Following this troubleshooting guide you can easily Fix the gamepad not working error on your PC –

  1. First close the game, if you haven’t already. Close Steam as well if it’s running in the background.
  2. Disconnect the Controller and Connect it again.
  3. Press Windows+S and search for ‘Setup game controller’.
  4. There you can check if all buttons and sticks are working properly.
  5. Open Steam, and go to Settings > Controller > Controller settings,
  6. Make sure your controller type is enabled there.
  7. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the diagnostic test.

Now open this game and head over to control settings.

Switch to the controller instead of the keyboard. You can also see all gamepad controls in the setting menu.

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Does The Chant on PC support gaming controllers?

According to the official Steam Page, The Chant fully support all kind of gaming controllers.

How can I enable controller support for this game?

If you have already configured your Gamepad in the steam setting, there are no additional steps you need to follow. Just make sure to choose Gamepad instead of keyboard in-game settings, if it is not selected automatically.

What kind of controller can I use with this game?

You can use your Xbox, PlayStation, and Generic controllers to play this game on your PC.

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