Xbox cloud gaming Down? – When will servers be back up

Is a Game not working while you playing it Xbox Cloud Gaming platform?

Chances are you might be not alone who is wondering that – is Xbox cloud gaming Down?

Or in case it’s down, When will servers be back up?

Is Xbox Cloud Gaming Down right now?

Xbox Cloud Gaming which you no doubt are aware of lets you play hundreds of console games on the device you have.

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When you join cloud gaming, you don’t have to worry about keep updating your PC component to be compatible with the latest games.

Gamers who have Xbox Game pass ultimate can enjoy hundreds of games on their PC browser or even on their mobile phone.

However, however recently most of the users are having difficulty connecting to Xbox servers.

If you are wondering that is Xbox Cloud Gaming Down right now? and want to know how to check Xbox live outage map and current status this post will help you with that.

How to Check if Xbox Cloud Server Status 

There are many places from where you will get server status and ETA of the current server down or any other issue related to Xbox Live.

For Example – you can get in touch with @XboxSupport on Twitter.

On Twitter they keep you informed about any issue going on and also about any upcoming scheduled maintenance.

They also have a dedicated page where you can check the current server and if any interrupted services and outages.

To check the Current server status simply head over to –

If you see a green tick on all services it means the service is up and running.

But if you see the yellow or red mark, it means that service is interrupted and there is some major outage going on right now.

When will be Xbox Live Servers Be Back up?

That is hard to say, at least most of the time.

Even if you access the Current server status page, most of the current outages have no ETA.

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You will see an Outage reported and We’re working on the issue.

But usually, there is no ETA unless XBOX Cloud servers are down due to planned maintenance.

For more information about the outage, or any ongoing issue you can contact customer support.

You can contact Xbox Cloud customer support via email or live support.

On the official Xbox Cloud server status page, you can also report a service outage if you think something is not working on Xbox.

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