How to Beat Level 65 on Run 3? – Finish Main Tunnel Last Level

Level 65, which is the last level in the main tunnel is infamously difficult to finish, at least for some players.

Worry not, if you are having difficulty finishing the last level.

Here in this post, I am going to share some tips on How to Beat Level 65 on Run 3.

Beat Level 65 on Run 3

How to Beat Level 65 on Run 3

Run 3, as its name suggests the third game in the 3d Arcade run series.

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It’s a simple browser-based game similar to most of the other running games and requires you to run and avoid any obstacles which are thrown in your way.

The premise of this game is simple but it can become really addictive, the more you play.

However, if you are playing this game, you may already know all that.

It has more than 309 playable levels in the Explore mode, and the main Tunnel consists of 65 levels.

But here we are going to talk about Level 65.

More specifically How to Beat Level 65 on Run 3.

How to Beat Level 65 on Run 3

The final level, level 65 is the major level in the game.

Not only because it’s the final level, but also because once you finish this level, you will unlock lots of other content.

For example other than the main tunnel, it has 20 side tunnels that can be accessed after finishing the main level.

Players also have the choice to choose from other characters, which are also unlocked once you beat the final level.

But beating this level is not an easy feat. This is notoriety difficult for being difficult for many players.

But following these tips, you can easily beat this level-

  • One of the best ways to beat this level is using a Small jump with Runner.
  • If you have unlocked “Child”, you can easily finish this level, since you can float from tile to tile.
  • If you are playing this level with Skater or Ice Skater Jump two tiles except when you don’t skip any crumbling tiles.
  • This is the last level of the main tunnel that’s why you see no tunnel, just the void at the end of the path. To finish this level, just jump into the void when you reach it.

For finishing this level I suggest using either “Child” or “Student”.

“Runner” is also a good choice but you have to make a small jump and fast before tiles crumble under your foot.

Using Child you can finish it easily since tiles won’t crumble and by floating you can get tile to tile without a sweat.

What do you do After you Beat Level 65 on Run 3?

Finished Level 65? Have you?

Even if Level 65, which is the last level of the main tunnel in Run 3, is finished, the game is far from over.

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Once you finish this level, you can have access to other Characters, Side tunnels, Minigames, and more.

So once you beat the final level, it’s not the end.

You can start exploring side tunnels by using any other Characters that you just have unlocked.

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