How to Fix when High on Life Stuck on Loading Screen?

Previously we talked about How to get the Secret ending in the High on Life.

Here we are going to talk about a problem that is bugging lots of gamers lately who are playing this game.

While this game works fine for most players, unfortunately for some they cannot launch the game, and even when they succeed at that, the High on Life stuck on the loading screen.

But Don’t worry, there are a few workaround and troubleshooting steps that you can take which help you fix the stuck-on loading screen on High on life.

Fix High on Life Stuck on Loading screen error

High on Life Stuck on Loading Screen

Here is the troubleshooting guide which will help you fix the loading and a few other problems with this game –

Step 1 – Simply try to restart the Game

Sometimes your game might stuck on the loading screen, just because of some temporary reason.

When this happens press the alt+f4 keys to force close it.

If that doesn’t work you can several other methods mentioned in Bussiness Insider’s blog post.

The thing is, once you closed the game, just reboot your system and try again.

If the game still not works, it’s time to jump on step number 2.

Step 2 – Confirm System Requirement

First head over to the High on Life steam page, on the bottom just above reviews you will find the system requirement section.

Make sure that your PC has at least the minimum system requirement for this game.

Step 3 – Close all Unnessary Background tasks

Running programs and games on your computer requires system resources.

Running lots of programs or background tasks (some of which you might not be aware of) would consume lots of resources like RAM, and CPU power.

The more amount of resources they consume less will be available for your game.

And as a result, High on life will struggle to get even past the loading screen.

Just close all other programs and some background tasks which you don’t need.

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Step 4 – Check your graphic card

A graphic card is one of the most essential parts of your computer if you are PC Gamer.

Unless you are playing very old games on your PC, it is always recommended to have a good graphics card.

Graphic cards require constant updates, this holds especially true for NVIDIA which sends updates to its users almost every month.

If you are using an older GPU driver please make sure that you will update it to the latest version available.

Otherwise, you will have lagging, crashing, fps drop, game freezing, or stuck on the loading screen.

Step 5 – Verify game integrity files

Sometimes your game file might be deleted from your computer.

It could be either by your or your antivirus software it could happen.

Just in case you suspect this is the reason High on life is not loading and is stuck on the main screen, you can verify game integrity.

On your steam launcher > click on library > Right click on High on life > Now click on properties and switch to the local files tab.

You will find the option “Verify Integrity of game files” option there.

Step 6 – Try disabling mods

Mods are fun, we all know that. They allow us to make the game more fun by customizing the part that wants to change.

But sometimes they also might cause conflict with the other game files or in some cases, even with other mods.

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There are lots of mods out there which might make loading time High on Life much high.

If you are using mods. Disable all the mods and see if that fixes the High on Stuck on loading screen error.

Once it is fixed you can try enabling your mods one by one until you find the real culprit.

That way you can continue your modded gameplay, minus the mod that is causing problems for you.

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