How to Properly Download, Install, and Setup DS4Windows?

DS4Windows allows you to emulate Xbox input from your PS4 or PS5 gaming controllers.

This becomes especially useful to play those games that natively don’t support a PlayStation controller on PC.

However, properly setting up DS4 is quite overwhelming if you don’t know how it really works.

But worry not, in this post I am going to guide you on How to properly Download, Install, and Setup DS4Windows.

Setup DS4Windows for your PS4 and PS5 Controllers

PC unlike gaming consoles supports all kinds of gaming controllers.

Whether you are using PS4, PS5, Xbox, Nintendo, or any other generic gaming controller, you can connect it to your gaming PC.

The only scenario, where you won’t be able to use that gamepad on PC is when the game itself doesn’t support it.

Fortunately for Xbox users, the majority of PC games support Xbox controllers.

The same is not true for those who are trying to play PC games with PS4 or PS5 gaming controllers.

While there are some PC games that allow you to play using the PlayStation controller, the number is not that large.

However, there is a trick that allows overcoming this limitation.

DS4Windows or DS5Windows is an input matter that tricks your PC into thinking that you are using an Xbox controller while in reality, you connect PS4 controller to the PC.

It also allows you gamepad customization along with a list of other features.

However, compared to just plug and play using DS4 could be quite overwhelming.

Especially for new users, who don’t exactly know how to use DS4 to connect their PlayStation controllers.

But worry not, in this post I am going to guide to step-by-step on How to Download, Install, and set up DS4Windows on your PC.

How to Download, Install, and Setup DS4Windows

Here is a Six-step guide to Install and Setup DS4Windows on your Computer from start to finish –

Step 1 – Download Install DS4Windows

Obviously, the first step would be to download DS4Windows.

To download, just head over to and click on the download button in the top right corner of your screen.

Click on the Download button again to download the latest available version.

Wait till the file is downloaded on your computer.

Step 2 – Install DS4 on your PC

Once the Zip file is downloaded on your PC, Extract the file to an easily accessible folder.

Inside the newly extracted folder, you will find “DS4Windows.exe” run that file.

Choose the “Appdata” folder to store your data and proceed with the installation.

Step 3 – Install the drivers

During the installation or running of this app for the first time, DS4 will prompt you to install some required drivers.

Make sure that you install both ViGEmBUS and “HidHide” since the first one is required and the second one is strongly recommended.

Installing FakerInput is optional but there is no harm in installing that one too, should the need arise.

Step 4 – Connect your gaming controller

Once you Install DS4 and install all the required drivers the next thing you need to do is set up your controller.

You can follow the guide to learn How to Connect the PS4 Controller to the PC or How to fix the PS4 controller not working on PC.

Once the PS4 or PS5 controller is connected hit the next button under the controller tab.

Step 5 – Setup controller profile

By default, DS4Windows selects the Default profile which emulates Xbox key controls.

Make sure under the “EX” column, it doesn’t indicate “X”.

If it shows “X” below the Ex column, it means that your real controller is not hidden, which might lead to a double input issue.

In case using the edit button on the same row as your connected controller, you can edit the profile as you saw fit.

How does DS4Windows Works?

To put it into simple words Sony didn’t design a Dualshock controller to work properly on your PC (considering the rivalry between PC gaming and consoles).

However, Xbox controllers work flawlessly on Windows PC since both are Microsoft products.

What DS4 does is trick your PC into thinking that you are using an Xbox 360 controller instead of a PS4 or PS4 controller.

Not just that, it offers more functions and features that you can customize using your profile.

You can also remap keys and use the DualShock controller touchpad as a mouse.

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