Fix: PGA Tour 2k23 Stuck on Loading Screen on Career Mode

There is a bug where PGA Tour 2k23 Stuck on Loading Screen on Career Mode.

Some players are unable to bypass the game loading screen after they launched this game.

PGA Tour 2k23 Stuck on Loading Screen

PGA Tour 2k23 is the latest addition to the golf video game series by HB studios and 2k Games.

This game has been released recently for PC Gamers on Steam and received somewhat mixed ratings from players.

This game is designed for those who really love Golf, if you haven’t played its previous version PGA 2k21, consider this as a video game version of real-life hockey games.

Just like the previous game the game is almost identical expect a few new changes that developers have been in this game.

Just like any newly launched game of course this one also comes with a few bugs.

Recently has been reporting that while they trying to launch this game on their PC it’s stuck on the loading screen for a long time.

The problem is more frustrating when they try to open career mode.

PGA Tour 2k23 Career mode not working is the same problem that hunts the player in its previous version 2k21.

Why is My Career not working on PGA Tour 2k23?

Career Mode, not loading is not a new issue, this problem exists since the last version 2k21.

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While there is no exact guarantee that following this process fix problem for you, some users are able to play the game (at least for the next session).

  1. Exit the game, and restart your PC. Make sure that your Graphic card is updated to the latest available version.
  2. Verify your Game integrity files and ensure there no game is missing.
  3. Exclude the game folder from scanning via Windows Defender. Windows Defender has a weird habit of slowing down games or sometimes deleting some game files.
  4. Check your Internet connection. This game requires a constant internet connection. And in case of slow or no internet, it will not work properly.
  5. Confirm that the 2k23 server isn’t down right now or under maintenance right now.

You can contact the @2KSupport customer support team if you are facing any issues continuously.

How to fix PGA Tour 2k23 Stuck on Loading Screen

Here are the steps we can follow when PGA Tour2k23 stuck on loading screen –

Step 1 – Close the Game

If the game is stuck on the loading screen, the first obvious step you need to take is to exit the game.

If you can exit the game using the game screen, do it.

However, most of the time when the game is stuck on the same screen this might be not an option for you.

Just Press Alt+F4, this will force close the game. Now Press Control + Alt + Delete and choose task manager.

Under the processes check if 2k23 still running, end it if it is.

Step 2 – Confirm System Requirements

Sometimes we do not check System requirements before purchasing a game. 

This is particularly true if you are someone who plays lots of Video games.

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Confirm 2k23 System requirements on the Steam page and make sure that your PC is compatible.

Step 3 – Disable full-screen Optimization

On your PC, Locate the 2k23 desktop icon.

There left click on its icon > Properties > Advanced > and tick on run as Administrator and click ok.

Next, go to the Compatibility tab > Tick on Disable fullscreen optimizations and hit apply button and click ok.

Step 4 – Close apps running in the Background

There are lots of applications that run on your Windows PC in the background.

Those apps affect your Gameplay by eating up lots of RAM and processing power.

Close all the apps that you don’t need also close any of the apps that are running in the background.

You can also turn on Gaming > Game Mode on your Windows 10 or Windows 11 PC to automatically shut down unnecessary background processes.

Step 5 – Reports to Game Developers

Not every time problem is with your System.

Sometimes, and this is especially true with the newly launched game, the problem might be with the game itself.

If you are constantly facing a PGA Tour 2k23 stuck on a loading screen issue, you must report it to Game developers.

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