Fix We were here Walkie Talkie not Working [In Just 3 steps]

Here is the effective 3-step solution for the We Are Here Walkie Talkie not working issue. Following this guide, you can eliminate this frustrating error during your co-op missions.

During their gameplay, some of the players have reported that We are here walkie talkie is not working for them.

Considering this is an online co-op escape room survival game where Walkie-Talkie plays a vital role during gameplay, finishing the game without it would be very frustrating.

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Worry not, dear readers if you are also having a We were here Walkie Talkie not working issue because in this guide we are going to talk about how to fix this problem in just 3 simple steps.

We Were Here Walkie Talkie Not Working

How to Fix We were here Walkie Talkie not Working

We Were here is free to play online Co-op multiplayer escape room puzzle game where you are lost in an abandoned castle located in the frozen wasteland.

In this game, you are split up from your partner (Who is another player character in co-op multiplayer mode).

As a player in this game at the start, you’ll have only possession left with you and that is a walkie-talkie, but what if that too stopped working suddenly when you are middle of the quest?

Well, that last part was not about the premise of this game but about a glitch that lots of “We are here” players are having for a long time.

Usually when this happens player can’t use Walkie-Talkie to hear another player even though the orange light on Walkie talkie lights up.

Some players have reported that they can use the chat feature in this game just fine but others have reported that they are having this problem with chat too.

Regardless of any variant of the “We are here Walkie-Talkie not working error” here in this guide we are going to talk about steps that you can take to fix this problem.

How to Fix Walkie-Talkie not working in the We are Here Game?

Thanks to a Redditor”Zakoleth” who has found this workaround, here is the workaround that you can follow to fix the We are here Walkie talkie not working error on PC –

Step 1 – Ask to Join your Friend via Steam

Do not use the in-game option to invite your friend to join you.

You can use that option but make sure that the friend that you are asking to join on this game is invited via Steam friend list.

Step 2 – Create a Lobby through the “Invite a Friend” function

Once you invited your Steam friend to join you for a gaming session, the next thing that you have to do is ensure that the lobby is created via the “Invite a friend” function.

Do not create a lobby by yourself using the “Create Lobby” function in this game.

Step 3 – Check that Radio is working for you

Once you Invited your friend and successfully created a lobby by using the right options you can start the game in co-op mode.

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During the game ensure that Walkie-Talkie is working for you.

Following this 3-step guide, every time you invite your friend will help you workaround the error of Walkie talkie not working in the We are here game.

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