How to Fix the Nintendo Switch controller not working?

While immersed in the vibrant world of your favorite video game, the last thing you want is pesky issues with your Joy-Con controllers. From unresponsive buttons and frustrating sudden disconnections to the console not recognizing your Switch controllers, several problems sometimes haunt Nintendo players. Fortunately, this handy article is here to the rescue!

This guide dives into simple, step-by-step solutions for resolving any Nintendo Switch controller not working issue.


  • Power Cycle both your controller and Nintendo Switch.
  • Check the pairing, and make sure that it is connected to your Nintendo Switch.
  • Verify that the issue is not due to the low battery on your Joy-con. Charge them if needed.
  • Please don’t ignore any system updates, in some cases they are essential.
  • You can try resetting the controller using the SYNC button.

How to Fix the Nintendo Switch controller not working?

Nintendo Switch controller not working

Identifying and fixing the root of the problem is all you need to get back to playing your favorite video game.

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In more detail, here are what troubleshooting steps you need to follow to Fix Nintendo Switch controllers not working –

Perform The pairing Check

The first step toward troubleshooting is to ensure that your controllers are paired with the Switch perfectly.

For the Joy-Con controllers, you can confirm it by checking if the system is showing a wrench icon.

If they are not connected you will only show the Joy-Con icon, which means that the controllers are not paired.

You can also confirm it by within the controller screen.

But because of some reason, Joy-Con is not recognized or not registered while attached to the console you can jump to the next step.

Reset Joy-Con using the SYNC button

Joy-Con is not recognized or not registering while attached to the console or having a similar problem you can Try resetting your Joy-Con controllers.

Press the small sync button on each of these controllers, once that is done you have to restart Switch by holding the power button for 3 seconds, selecting Power Options, and choosing restart.

After turning on your console, check if that controller does start working again.

Perform battery check

Make sure your controllers and console have sufficient battery life. charge them if needed.

When none of the LEDs on the controller light up after connecting, it simply means they are out of charge and need to be recharged.

Don’t ignore any update

Download and install any available system updates on your Nintendo Switch.

Outdated software can cause connection and other issues.

Once the update is complete, power cycle both controllers and see if you can connect and use them.

Nothing works? Contact support for repair

Sometimes, despite trying every fix under the sun, your Switch controllers might still be acting up.

That usually means it’s got a hardware problem of some sort. When that happens, calling customer support or getting it repaired is the only thing you can do.

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How to Fix My Right Joy-Con won’t work when attached to the Switch?

Don’t panic! First, ensure it’s securely latched and clean the connection points. If that fails, try restarting the Switch and re-syncing the Joy-Con. Still no luck? Nintendo support awaits!

Why my Switch controller is not turning on?

Check the battery – both in the controller and Switch dock. Next, try a different cable. If it’s a Pro Controller, hold the Home and Sync buttons for 20 seconds. Still dead? Nintendo can help diagnose the issue.

The buttons on my Switch controller aren’t working

Dust buildup under the buttons could be the culprit. Try gently cleaning them with rubbing alcohol. Furthermore, for any unresponsive buttons, calibration in the Switch settings might help.

Why My third-party Switch controller is giving me trouble?

Double-check it’s compatible with your Switch model. Ensure it’s charged and properly connected via supported mod. Update the controller’s firmware if available. You can also refer to the controller manual for more information.

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