How to Fix Hogwarts legacy swift talent not working?

Recently there is a bug reported by Reddit user Acid_sniper who has reported that Hogwarts legacy swift talent not working for him.

In his own words –

On PC (steam) and unlocked the swift talent. Every time I try to use it, even just running around, it never activates. Tried holding dodge, double tapping, holding while running, holding while standing still, etc. Anyone else experiences this?

Acid_sniper on Reddit

However, this issue is not only happened to him there are numerous other players who have also reported the same problem.

In this article what exactly is Swift talent bug and how you can fix How to Fix Hogwarts legacy swift talent not working error on your own?

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What is the Swift talent bug in Hogwart Legacy?

In Hogwart Legacy, there are many core talents which is a specific type of talents that helps increase the effectiveness of your character in the game.

Swift is one of these 14 core talents available for the player to earn during their gameplay.

Swift Talents helps players by allowing the player character to quickly vanish and reappear nearby. 

You can use swift simply by holding down the dodge once you unlocked it by reaching level 5 and completing the main quest “Jackdaw’s rest” to unlock talent trees.

But the problem is not unlocking this core talent but the problem when the player is not able to use it.

According to players who have Swift talent bug, they are unable to use this feature, holding dodge is not activating swift for them.

However, it is working momentarily for some players while they are outside of Hogwarts castle for a few others they are not able to use it outside combat.

Steps to Fix Hogwart Legacy Swift Talent not working errors?

There are some players who found some sort of workaround to fix the problem, but there is no permanent solution available right now.

It’s highly unlikely that this is the way Avalanche Software wants this feature to be used, it is most likely due to some sort of glitch.

Here are some of the workarounds that players have discussed on Reddit and other gaming forums –

Fix 1: Make sure you completed the prerequisites

If your problem is that you are not able to Unlock Swift talent in Hogwart legacy, just make sure that you have completed all the prerequisites for this core talent to unlock.

Here are all requirements to unlock Swift talent in the Hogwarts legacy game –

  • The player must be at least level 5 to use this talent.
  • You will unlock this talent after finishing up the quest Jackdaw’s Rest in the talent tree.

Once you complete all requirements, using the Holding down dodge button will activate this talent.

Fix 2: It works outside Hogwarts castle

The usual glitch with this talent is that this doesn’t work inside the school.

But if you are outside the Hogwarts castle you are able to use this core talent without any problem.

However, the problem is not only that this isn’t working only in the castle but also even a few miles away this seems to not work for some players.

You can sure try restarting your game after closing it, but that doesn’t seem to fix this problem.

So that’s all about why Hogwarts legacy swift talent not working and all the fixes that you can try to fix this problem. But, the problem cannot be solved by the player, since it happened due to a bug or glitch in the game itself.

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