How to Fix Hogwarts Legacy Unable to Connect to WB Games

In this Guide, we are talking about the recent issue with Hogwart legacy where some players are unable to connect their WB Games account.

Even when some players do succeed at linking their WB Game account to Hogwart legacy they might see the “unable to connect to WB Games online services, please check your connection error” on the next screen.

Why you are unable to Link to WB Games Account

Hogwarts Legacy Unable to Connect to WB Games

Hogwarts Legacy Unable to Connect to WB Games error is an issue where players can’t connect this game to their WB Games account.

While issue linking your Hogwarts Legacy game to your WB account error can happen to various different reasons including – network connectivity, and temporary cache-related problems.

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But the most likely cause of Failed to Connect to WB Games in Hogwarts Legacy is that this issue appeared as a result of a bug or server-related glitch.

That holds especially true considering that a large number of players who have participated in the 72-hour early-access launch on 7, 2023 also get this error.

Issues on early launch are expected, and there is no game that comes to mind which have no single bugs during its launch.

However, problem is that some of the Hogwarts Legacy players are unable to link WB Games account.

Some of them also reported that they are also unable to access some of the other services offered by WB Games.

In this article, we are going to talk about an error that is preventing Hogwarts legacy from linking to the WB games account.

This issue appeared due to the WB games server or server being down.

When the WB Games server is down some of the features or services offered in the game might be unavailable to you.

For example here are some of the issues which are reported by Hogwart Legacy players –

Unable to connect to WB Games online services for account linking in-game


@HogwartsLegacy I am unable to claim my exclusive rewards even though i already linked my account. Does it keep saying: “unable to connect to WB Games online services” how do i fix this?


How to Fix Hogwarts Legacy Unable to Connect to WB Games?

Considering the Inability to Connect to WB Games account in Hogwarts Legacy is happening due to a service outage, you can’t fix this issue by yourself (But there is a workaround that you can try).

There are lots of players who are reporting this issue on various gaming forums as well as on social media like Twitter.

However, there is one Redditor named ClaxC who found the workaround [source] for this issue recently.

In his own words – “You can link after skipping”.

It means that you can link your WB games account in Hogwart legacy even when you skipped it on the main loading screen.

Apparently, most of the players when they try to login in after skipping are able to log in without any further issues.

Hogwart Legancy Login In WB Games Account

Here is How you can Fix the Unable to connect to WB games error in Hogwart Legacy –

  1. On the main screen when the game will ask to log in or Link to your WB Games account simply skip the login option.
  2. Once you are in-game settings. Head over to “User Interface Options”.
  3. There just after option “EULA” you will see an option labeled as “WB Games account”.
  4. Choose the “WB Games account” option and proceed to log in with your account.
  5. Once you successfully login into your account you will able to see your user name and other information in the game.

But, even tho you have linked your account successfully you might see this option which will ask to you Claim your rewards by connecting your Harry potter fan club and WB games accounts.

Retry login even after login

At the bottom there is a text which indicates “Unable to connect to WB Games online services, please check your connection”.

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This could be either due to no internet connection or due to WB servers being down.

If Hogwart Legacy servers are down there is nothing you can do except wait till developers acknowledge this issue and provide further updates.

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