Fix Discord Push to Talk Not Working [in just Minutes]

Okay, imagine this – you’re in the middle of an epic raid, coordinating with your team in Discord. You hit your trusty push-to-talk key, ready to shout a strategic command… and nothing. No little click, no sound to confirm that you’re broadcasting.

It’s like you’re talking to a wall! Frustrating, right?

Don’t worry, you’re not alone. Discord Push to Talk not working errors is surprisingly common, but also usually easy to fix. So let’s troubleshoot this issue together and get your voice back into the game.

How can you Fix Discord Push to Talk Not Working

Fix Discord Push to Talk Not Working

Discord’s push-to-talk feature offers a convenient way to control your microphone input, but it can be finicky at times.

If you’re encountering issues with push-to-talk not transmitting your voice, there are several troubleshooting steps you can take to address the problem.

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Let’s walk through the potential causes and solutions

Step 1: The Basics Troubleshooting

First things first:

  • Is your mic working in the first place? Try a test call outside of Discord or open your system’s audio settings just to be sure.
  • Have you accidentally muted yourself in Discord? It happens to the best of us! That little microphone icon can be sneaky.
  • Did you recently install new software or update some drivers? Sometimes these changes can mess with audio settings.

Step 2: Checking the Discord Settings

If the basics exlainend earliar doesn’t do the job then let’s dig a little deeper:

  1. Click the gear icon (User Settings) at the bottom of your Discord window. This brings up all sorts of goodies.
  2. Head over to the “Voice & Video” section. This is where the magic (or the problems) happen.
  3. Under “Input Mode,” make sure “Push to Talk” is selected. Sometimes Discord just gets a bit forgetful.
  4. Check your keybind. Did you accidentally change it? Is it conflicting with some other shortcut?
  5. Play around with the “Input Sensitivity” slider. If it’s too low, Discord might not recognize your voice clearly. Make sure it’s not set too high, though – or everyone will hear your keyboard clicks!

Step 3: Advanced Troubleshooting

Still nothing? Let’s get a bit more technical:

  1. Run Discord as an administrator. Right-click on the Discord icon and choose “Run as administrator.” Sometimes, Discord just needs those extra privileges.
  2. Check your audio drivers. Outdated or corrupted sound drivers can cause all sorts of audio weirdness. Consider updating them.
  3. Temporarily disable other programs using your microphone. Webcams, voice assistants, or other chat apps can occasionally get a little greedy with your audio input.

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Still Struggling?

Hey, sometimes these technical problems are just plain stubborn, no matter how hard you try they do resist. When that happens, don’t despair! Discord itself have in-depth guides and troubleshooting articles which can access from following link – (

And remember, there’s no shame in asking for a hand! We’ve all been there, fumbling with tech when we’d rather be gaming. Hope this gets you back to yelling at your teammates (er, I mean, communicating with them strategically) in no time!

I'm Rahul Bodana, Writer by day, YouTuber by night, coder when the coffee kicks in, and trader when I want to test the limits of my stress tolerance.

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