Catan Universe App not working? – Multiplayer, Server Issues

Recently Catan Universe App not working properly for Android, iOS, PC, and Mac.

Players are having real trouble when they try to use Multiplayer mode on this game.

How to Fix the Catan Universe app not working?

Catan Universe App not working

The Game Catan universe is available as an app for your iOS, and Android phones as well your Computers both Mac and Windows.

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This is a pretty popular online multiplayer game that has its own player base.

Its cross-platform approach allows players to play using any of their devices.

Since you are not limited to your phone only, you can enjoy this game on your computer or tablet without any problem.

Players just need to head over to the respective app store and install this application on their devices.

Some of the popular stores where Catan is available to include – Google Play Store, iTunes app store, and steam.

Keeping all these things aside recently, Catanians are having lots of issues while trying to play this game online, especially with Multiplayer mode.

If you are having Catan App not working issues as well this post is for you.

Not working After the Update

When an update happens, developers intended it to fix already known issues.

But sometimes unintended things happen and users might face bugs or glitches which wasn’t there in the previous version.

When the update was the reason you could roll back to the previous one (keep in mind this isn’t always an option).

Or wait till developers address those issues in another update which fixes the Catan Universe app not working issue.

Having Login issues

Login issue is pretty common and usually the first indication that there is something wrong with game servers.

It could be not always the case.

Sometimes it’s just an issue with your login credentials.

You can reset your username and password easily.

Game showing offline

There is another issue where users will get an offline message when they try to access this game, even tho their phone is online.

This problem can be easily fixed by restarting the game, sometime you might need to try 3 or 4th times.

Is Catan Universe Multiplayer Mode not working?

This is not exactly a problem that is happening for some users.

On the official website – CatanUniverse.Com, they had notified all of the players that Catan Universe Multiplayer mode is simply not functional currently.

They seem to have some sort of issue and as a result, multiplayer is not working.

They also mentioned that they are working hard toward fixing this issue.

You can find more information about it on their Twitter profile at – @CatanUniverse.

How to Check the Catan Universe Server status?

All of the multiplayer (and some single players games as well) are stored on the server.

Most of the time these servers function correctly.

But sometimes, they have some glitches, bugs, and errors and as a result, your gameplay will also suffer.

So it’s also worth checking if you are having any issues while Playing this because of a server error or another reason.

Fortunately, any player can easily confirm the Catan Universe server status easily.

All they need to do is ask developers at – @catanuniverse.

The better alternative would be Joining their discord server, from there you can find Game updates, ongoing issues, or anything else about the Catan universe.

Catan Universe Customer Support

Being an Indie game, the developers of this game didn’t have any dedicated customer support team to answer each and every query of players.

However, there are a few ways you can get help from the game developer when Catan is not working if you have any questions or complaints related to Catan Universe –

  • Email – You can drop an email on the official support email – [email protected].
  • FAQs page – some of the most asked questions can be accessed from the official faq page.
  • Social Media – You can reach developers on Social media Like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.
  • Join the discord – You can join their discord server to access all of the resources related to Catan Games.

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