How to Get Xbox game pass on Steam Deck In 2024

Hey there, fellow gamer! Rocking a Steam Deck, huh? That sleek machine is taking handheld gaming to the next level – regular or OLED, it’s a beast. But what if you crave even more titles? What if you could tap into the treasure trove of Xbox Game Pass on your Deck? Buckle up, because we’re about to crack that code.

How to Get Xbox Game pass or Stream Xbox cloud on Steam Deck?

Get Xbox Game pass or Stream Xbox cloud on Steam Deck

Xbox Game pass is like a Netflix, but for games. A monthly fee unlocks a library of killer titles – Halo, Gears of War, the list goes on! Plus, Game Pass lets you stream games from the cloud, saving precious storage space on your Deck (because, let’s face it, those AAA games gobble it up fast).

Sounds pretty sweet, right? But here’s the million-dollar question: can you actually make it happen?

Absolutely! Here are a few ways You can get Xbox Game pass to your Steam Deck.

Option 1: Stream Using Moonlight

Ever heard of Moonlight? This nifty software lets you stream games from another PC to your Deck.

Think of it like a remote control for your gaming rig. And offocourse you also need a windows computer in order to stream it on your Deck.

If you are not sure how to install it, You can Follow this Moonlight Installation guide for steam deck.

Option 2: Go Native (for the Tech-Savvy)

Moonlight is not ideal option for everyone. Specially for those who doen’t have a PC.

So fi you Don’t want to mess with Windows? No problem! You can actually stream Game Pass titles directly through a browser on SteamOS.

It’s a solid option, but remember – you can only stream, not install the games locally.

Still, it opens up a world of possibilities!

Option 3: Xbplay – Your Streaming BFF

Many players rave about Xbplay as the ultimate tool for Xbox Game Pass on Steam Deck.

It offers way better quality and customization compared to regular browser streaming.

Compare to native browser it does provide you smoother gameplay and a more enjoyable overall experience.

So if you do want to stream games without PC but find the native Steam deck browser a bit lacking this option is suitable for you.

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