Unlock Diddy Kong in Mario Party? – Full Step-by-Step Guide

Diddy Kong is one of the 4 secret characters that you can unlock in Super Mario party.

While the game does not specifically tell you how can you unlock him, there is a surefire way that you can use to unlock Diddy Kong in Mario Party.

How to Unlock Diddy Kong in Mario Party?

Unlock Diddy Kong in Mario Party

Super Mario Party is one of the most party games available for Nintendo console players.

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It features your favorite characters from the Mario franchise and you can also able to unlock some of the most player characters while playing this game.

The Super Mario party contains up to 80 minigames including games you can play alone, and play with others on local and online multiplayer with your friends.

This game offers you many characters that you can unlock throughout your gameplay.

One of these characters is Diddy Kong.

and here in this post, we are specifically going to talk about How can you Unlock Diddy Kong in Mario Party.

Unlock Diddy Kong in Super Mario Party

To unlock the Diddy kong character, you have to complete the Chestnut forest section in world 2.

This game mod is unlocked once you unlocked every minigame.

This is part of the Challenge road to unlock Diddy kong.

For Super Mario Party, once the stage is cleared player will see toad interaction which narrates –

“It looks like Diddy Kong is heading out on a challenging trip in order to catch up with you.”

Continue the game and next time when you interact with him in Plaza he will ask you for coming along with him.

Just hit the “Let’s go!” button and you can add Diddy to your party.

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How do you get Diddy Kong in Mario Party?

Diddy Kong is unlocked after you complete the Chestnut forest section in world 2.

How do you Unlock the mystery characters in Mario Party?

There are 4 secret characters that you can unlock in Mario party are – Dry Bones, Donkey Kong, Diddy Kong, and Pom Pom. Each one has a specific requirement to unlock them.

Do Mario Party superstars have unlockable characters?

Unlike Super Mario Party, the Mario Party superstar doesn’t have any unlockable character. All of the 10 playable characters are available on the base roster.

Is Donkey Kong in Mario Party?

Yes, Donkey Kong is an unlockable character in Super Mario Party. DK will be shown up on the right side of the screen waving at you once you complete three different courses in River survival.

Why is Super Mario party donkey kong not showing up?

Once you complete River survival, he will show up. If for some reason he is showing up in gameplay, you can try shutting the game and reloading.

Why is Diddy kong not unlocking?

Make sure that you unlock the challenging road. Complete this and Diddy will be waiting for you in the plaza. Once you run to him, you can add his character to your party.

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