The First Descendant: How to unlock Characters? – All of them

The First Descendant comes with 6 different unlockable characters.

While the doesn’t really tell you directly how can you unlock those characters, it indicates in its own sort of vague way.

That’s why here in this gaming guide, we are going to talk about How to Unlock The First Descendant characters.

How to unlock all characters in the first descendant

How to unlock The First Descendant Characters

The First Descendant being the first-person co-op RPG shooter game comes with a variety of different characters.

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In the start, you can choose the available character that you like from 3 available options – Lepic, Viessa, and Ajax.

But for those who don’t know, there are other six characters also available in this game.

These characters can be unlocked by doing research quests.

Once the research quest is complete you can and you can choose to use these characters from the descendant screen.

The unlocking process is quite different from the other games, and a bit tedious (Just a little bit, I promise).

How Character unlocking actually works?

In the process of actually unlocking the character, you have to complete the relic research for that particular character.

To do so you have to visit Magister Xenia.

Once you interact with the vendor you will see two options – The research quest and key UI interaction buy event.

If you already collect all of the material for the character to unlock or want to by yourself you can choose “The Research quest” tab.

After that, using all these materials you can start researching for the particular character that you want to unlock.

The Second tab “Key_UI_Interaction_Buy_Event” allows you to buy those resources to unlock characters.

This is best for those players who don’t really want to spend time farming resources and have enough in-game currency.

Once the character research is complete and you successfully unlocked it; you can go ahead and use that character.

How many unlockable characters are there?

At the start of the game, you will get access to the 3 main characters.

All the other characters can be unlocked during gameplay.

Other than the 3 main characters – Lepic, Viessa, and Ajax; the first descendant has 6 other characters – Gley, Blair, Bunny, Sharen, Jayber, and Freyna which you can unlock during gameplay.

You will get the research quest for each of these.

Once you get the requirement you can either purchase or farm the required resources in the process to unlock.

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How do I unlock characters in the first descendant?

As mentioned above. You can unlock different characters by unlocking the resources.

How many characters are there to unlock in this game?

There are currently 6 unlockable characters available in this game.

How many players are in the first descendant?

The co-op team for this game has 4 players limit. You can invite up to 3 of your other friends to join your party to play this game.

How many playable characters are there in this game?

There are 6 unlockable player characters are available in this game other than the 3 main characters.

How to unlock bunny in First Descendant Game?

Go to the store, you have to collect all the resources to unlock the bunny. Once you have all the resources you will see the green text “Research available” on the character image on the research institute page. You can also rush the process using in-game currency.

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