How to Beat Level 91 on Brain Test in Just 5 Seconds

Level 91 on the Brain test is a tricky one, and finishing this level is also a bit tricky, however, you can easily Beat Level 91 on Brain test.

How to Beat Level 91 on Brain Test?

How to Beat Level 91 on Brain Test

There is something addictive about unique puzzle games which are available online.

They grab your attention and all you can think about is how to solve these puzzles.

Brain Test is one of these addictive and engaging free tricky puzzle games that comes with its own set of puzzles and brain teasers.

Players here have to answer various tricky puzzles on each level to pass that level and proceed to the next stage.

If you love brain-teasing puzzle games then you would love the Brain test game.

On each level, you will encounter new puzzles which you have to solve.

There are many levels available in this game, which players have to pass to reach the next level.

One of these level on the brain test is level 91 which present its own puzzle where you have to answer the question – “complete the leve please”.

This guide is all about How to Beat level 91 on the Brain test by answering that simple question.

What is Level 91 on the Brain test?

Just like any other level in this game level 91 also present a brain teaser.

If you want to spoiler-free clues to solve puzzles on this level all I can say is to look for the proper spelling of the question on this level.

Everything is a distraction, you have to complete the leve.

How Do I Do Level 91 on Brain Test?

On Level 91 the brain test asks you to complete the leve.

It asks you – “Complete the leve please”.

And to finish this level you have to complete the lev.

To distract you further it added images of a car, an apple, a cat, and a worm. None of these objects or animals have anything to do with the answer to this question.

You have to complete the “leve” which is missing “l”.

So you can borrow “l” from somewhere else on the screen.

That somewhere is the heading on that screen where “Level 91” is written.

Just tap on “l” of the Level 91 heading text and put this “l” in the question just after “leve” and before, please.

Thus you can complete leve and make it “Level” which is the answer to the question all along.

What do you do on Level 91 on Brain Test?

On Level 91, you will have to complete the word “level” in question, just as it was asked there.

Do not be distracted by the animal and object shown on the screen, they have nothing to do with the final answer on this level.

Once you complete “leve” by putting “l” after it, it will become “level” and just like that you have completed the level.

Both in the brain teaser and real level 91 itself.

For more information, you can refer to the video in this post.

That’s How to Beat Level 91 on the Brain test within just a few seconds.

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