How to Beat Jenny o’ the woods Quest in Witcher 3

Witcher 3 Game is full of different side quests, and Even after playing The Witcher 3 multiple times, with its vast world and intricate storylines, you’re bound to find quests and hidden details you missed before.

Jenny o’ the woods is one of these contracts in the game, and of course, doing it is optional, but hey side quests are the most fun part of Witcher 3.

While Quest doesn’t straight up say how can you kill that Nightwrath, it will point you in the direction that you can figure out on your own.

There are not many choices you can make about how you want to deal with the wraith.

However, if you are still having issues while Fighting that nightwrath that you find near the well, worry not fellow gamer, here in this post we are going to discuss How to Beat Jenny o the woods in Witcher 3 without breaking a sweat.

So How to Beat Jenny o’ the woods?

How to Beat Jenny o' the woods in Witcher 3

You can start this quest by finding its contract on the notice board in Velen.

Players can also start this quest by talking directly to Odolan, you have to talk to him either way to get more information about Devil by the well.

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Your first objective after collecting all the information from the villagers would be to investigate of course.

Head over to the pointed area and use your witcher senses to gather more clues and information about her.

Using your Witcher senses you have to search the nearby fields.

Gather up all the clues, follow all the pointers given in the game and you will be able to learn more about her.

Preparation to fight with Nightwrath

When you decided to fight here, make sure that you will make appropriate preparations, like –

  • Make sure your Yrden sign is strong.
  • Even tho the suggested level of this quest is level 10, it is better to wait until you reach level 15.
  • You need bombs especially, Dimeritium and Moondust bombs. If you haven’t collected it recipes, then make sure you do before fighting.
  • Rest before the fighting, you might do it anyway if you wait in the spot for the wraith to appear.
  • Before fighting makes do not forget to apply Specter Oil to your silver sword.

Combat tactics to beat Jenny o’ the woods

According to Witcher Fandom, and Best Witcher 3 bestiary, The night wraiths is mostly similar to Noonwraith.

The only major difference between them is the latter appears in the field in the broad daylight of noon.

While the former hunt only at night while the moon hangs in the sky.

Jenny o’ the woods is a Nightwraith which can be found in a day if you are patient.

Here are the fighting tactics that you can use to easily beat Jenny o’ the woods or any other similar wraiths –

Apply the Specter Oil on your Silversword

Off course, the silver sword is for the obvious monsters and you are going to use that as well in this Quest.

Just make sure that you apply the Specter Oil on that sword before fighting will begin.

Since wraiths or any other Specter-type monster is weak against that oil, it will increase your chances of fighting.

Made them corporeal using Yrden or moon dust

Specters are mostly incorporeal, most of the time your sword will not work if you use it directly.

To deal sufficient damage in the process of beating them, you must make them use the Yrden with the swift sword attacks.

Use Bombs to destroy its Dobbpegangers

Bombs, more specifically moon dust and Dimeritium bombs are very effective against the Nightwraith or noonwraith’s doppelgangers.

When you weaken her enough, she will split into different copies which attack you.

Using the Bombs you destroy those copies and the wraith will force you to reveal its true self.

Once that happens continue using Yrden with swift sword attacks.

And another thing, Do not forget to dodge her attacks.

Depending on your level, you might need to dodge a lot during this fight.

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Other related FAQs

Can you save Jenny o’ the Woods?

No, she is already gone. However, following the clue gathered all around the well and nearby areas you can make sure that she will no longer hunt the villagers.

Who is jenny of the woods?

She is one of the monsters that you encounter early on in the game in the village of Midscopse in velen. She’d used to woman named “Zula” before she was killed by another villager.

How do you kill a Wraith in Witcher Game?

Hitting wraith with Yrden sign and combining it with the fast attacks is the best way to deal damage. Once she is free start dodging her attacks and does to same until you finish a wraith.

How do you beat the Noonwraith in Witcher 3?

Beating noonwraith is the same as any other wraith in the game. You can use their weakness against them, you can find more information about the weaknesses of monsters in the bestiary.

What is Jenny of the woods Weakness?

Just like any other Wraith Yrden is one of her weaknesses, you can make them vulnerable and corporeal using dust bombs and specter oil too.

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