How to Beat OvO Level 51? – All tips and Tricks

Are you experiencing some challenges and uncertain about how to beat OvO Level 51? Rest assured, with practice and a few well-placed strategies, you’ll soon be maneuvering through those obstacles with masterful skill!

To simplify your crossing this level as easily as possible, here’s a concise guide that contains essential strategies, tips, and techniques to complete finish 51 of OvO effortlessly.

OVO Level 51 Explained

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Level 51 demands constant movement and quick adjustments to navigate a maze of spikes. Here’s what you need to keep in mind:

  • Up, Down, and Across Expect lots of vertical and horizontal movement as you traverse the spike-filled course.
  • Precision Jumping: The key to success lies in accurate jumps, especially when landing on those smaller, trickier platforms.
  • Timing is Everything: You’ll encounter switches that need to be hit within a specific timeframe to progress.

Step by Step guide to Finishing Level 51 in OVO

Level 51’s spike obstacle course is a serious test of your platforming skills. To beat this level, you’ll require focus on precise movement and timing. Here’s the breakdown:

  • Practice Makes Perfect: Start by taking your time to master the basic jumps and movements required within this level. Get comfortable with the level’s layout and the rhythm of its obstacles.
  • Switching it Up: Progressing through the level often involves hitting switches to alter the environment. Be quick on your feet and ready to adapt as new paths open up.
  • Rocket Escape: At one point, you’ll encounter a box with rockets. This is a timed challenge – hit the switch, break through the barrier, and get out before the rockets go off!
  • To the Finish: Your final task involves precise wall jumps and a dash to the right to triumphantly reach the flag.


By Beating OVO’s Level 51 spike-filled challenge, you’ve proven your ability to adapt, react quickly, and execute precise movements under pressure.

These skills will be invaluable as you continue your OvO journey! Remember, practice and patience are key – keep at it, and you’ll soon be breezing through those spikes.

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