How to Unlock Donkey kong in Super Mario Party?

Here in this guide, we will talk about Unlock Donkey kong in Super Mario Party.

Just like Diddy kong, Pom Pom, and Dry bones, he is one of the 4 unlockable characters that you can unlock on your Play through of Super Mario party.

However, there are a few requirements to unlock DK in a Super Mario party.

But worry not, dear readers. Here in this short, simple, and straightforward gaming guide, we are going to talk about how you can get DK to join your party in this game.

How Can I unlock Donkey Kong in Mario Party?

How to Unlock Donkey Kong in Super Mario Party

Super Mario party, which is instead of being a single Nintendo game actually a collection of 84 minigames, more than 20 playable characters,s and several unlockable contents like board and modes.

Other than all the available characters there are 4 hidden characters in this game that you unlock in order to add to your party.

These 4 hidden unlockable characters are Diddy Kong, Pom Pom, Donkey kong, and Dry bones.

All of these characters have different missions or requirements in order to unlock.

Donkey kong in both Super Mario Party and Mario party rush appears as an unlockable character.

DK is one of the most popular game characters which other than making appearances in Mario games has its own video game franchise.

Beginning with 1981’s release of Donkey kong, he appeared in various different games including his own game franchise and Mario video game.

DK is a fictional character that is created by Shigeru Miyamoto and first appeared in the 1981 game which is based on its name.

From there his own video game series is launched after that.

The game Donkey kong country first introduced this character’s backstory and was released in 1994 as a platform game.

And here in this article, we will talk about Donkey Kong and how you can unlock him in Super Mario party.

You can unlock DK fairly easily, however, compared to methods of unlocking other hidden characters this one takes a little bit of time.

Steps to unlock Donkey kong

Donkey Kong is one of the unlockable characters in Super Mario Party.

If you want to Unlock Donkey king which in short is also known as DK, there are a few simple steps that you need to follow in this game.

  1. First is that DK can be unlocked by playing River survival.
  2. But you can’t just unlock him by playing it, you have to play river survival three times.
  3. And on top of that, you must take different paths each time you play river survival.
  4. You will notice him in the crowd on your third play when you head to the home stretch.
  5. You will notice him left side of the river, just waving at you.

Once he is unlocked, you can invite him to join your party.

So that’s how you can Unlock Donkey Kong in Super Mario party.

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