How to get Angel Ball in Deflect with Angelic Badge?

Angelic Badge and Angel ball are a few of the rare items to get in Roblox Deflect.

However, there is a simple straightforward process that you can follow to Get Angel Ball in Roblox Deflect with Angelic Badge.

How to Get Angel Ball and Angelic Badge in Roblox Deflect?

How to get Angel Ball in Deflect with Angelic Badge?

Roblox offers a huge number of games for you on their platform.

There are many options to choose from.

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Whether you RPG fan, love scary horror game or wants to enjoy cute simulation, there is something for everyone.

Roblox Deflect is one of those games that are available on the platform.

The concept of Deflect is simple – you have to deflect balls, as in the game goal of the player is to hit other players to knock them out.

Even tho gameplay is simple, it’s one of the most engaging and addictive Roblox games out there.

Deflect offers you the option to customize the balls and badges.

Most of the skins available in the game can be obtained by playing and winning matches.

But there are some secret skins and badges that you won’t get by winning matches.

Both Angelic Badge and Angel ball can’t be obtained just by playing games and winning matches.

But there is a way to get these items, which is fairly simple if you are willing to finish off and resurrect your character times in a row in a single match.

However, there is another catch to obtaining these rare items.

That’s why here we are going to talk about How to get an angel ball in deflect.

How to get angel ball in deflect Roblox

Angelic Badge and Ball is one of these rare items that are available only if you spend some Robux in the game.

Currently, at the time of writing this post, there is no free way to obtain both of these items.

However, If you are willing to spend about 125 Robux in this game, you will be able to get both these items fairly easily.

Here is How to get Angel Ball and Angelic badge in Roblox Deflect –

  1. First, make sure that you buy 125 Robux in advance. You will need them later.
  2. In the game, your character must die and resurrect 5 times in one single match.
  3. Resurrect your character each time. To do so you will have to pay 25 Robux each time.
  4. Once you resurrect your player for 5th time, you will get both Angel Ball and Anglic Badge.

Once you get both items in Inventory, You will have the option to equip them.

Equip both these items and you are ready to go.

So that is the process to Get Angel Ball in Deflect.

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How to Angelic Badge in Deflect?

You have to let other players finish off your character and resurrect it 5 times in a single match using Robux.

How to get Angel Ball in Roblox Deflect?

Similar to obtaining a Badge for the Angel ball you have to resurrect your character 5 times in a single match.

How to Get Angelic Badge & Ball for Free?

For now, there is no way, you will be able to obtain these items for free.

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