Can I Play Gatewalkers offline without Internet connection?

If you are looking at Gatewalkers steam page and making up your mind about whether to buy this game or not, one question sure comes to your mind is – Can I Play Gatewalkers offline without Internet connection?

How can I play Gatewalkers offline without the Internet?

How can I play Gatewalkers offline

Gatewalkers which is available for PC gamers is a kind of game built for gamers who love playing RPG survival games with their friends.

This game which is developed by a2 software is a unique blend of multiplayer co-op, Role-playing, and survival elements.

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This challenges players to travel across diffrent worlds which doesn’t lack any harsher environment and toxic environments requires effort in order to survive in this game.

However even tho this game sounds fun for the right audience, this receives a mixed rating from players.

There are many things players think this one lacks and many things that you might love as a Gamer.

One of these things about this game is a question that you might also be wondering about is – Can you Play Gatewalkers offline without an Internet connection?

This article contains everything that we know about Gatewalkers offline mode for single players.

Is Gatewalker Online Only?

Every multiplayer game is supposed to be online, that’s how players will be able to play with their friends. This is also true for Gatewalkers.

Gatewalker just like any other online multiplayer game requires a constant internet connection.

You can invite your friends (Who also have copies of this game installed) to play in online co-op.

Since it offers some additional challenges for co-op players its ideal to play this in co-op instead of the single-player mode.

And yes Gatewalker has a single-player mode for those who are seeking all the glory for themselves and rather prefer to play alone on their own.

Can I play Gatewalker Single Player offline?

Other than offering this game in multiplayer co-op mode this also offers you the feature to play alone on your own.

If you have played lots of single-player games, for example – Witcher 3, Fallout 4, or even RPG games like Pathfinder: Kingmaker you already know that playing single-player doesn’t require you to have an active internet connection.

At least for the time of gameplay, there is no justification for having the game not work offline without an active Internet connection.

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But unfortunately, those who are seeking to play this game offline might get disappointed that Gatewalker does not work offline.

Even if you prefer to play this game in only single-player mode you need to have a constant internet connection.

If you are hoping for offline gameplay this game is not for you. This game weather you play co-op or solo is online only.

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