How to Beat Trough Abandoned 2 The Forest?

Got Stuck while trying to solve a Puzzle or having difficulty while Playing Trough Abandoned 2: The Forest?

In this short but straightforward guide, we are going to talk about How to Beat Through Abandoned 2 The Forest.

Beat Trough Abandoned 2: The Forest

How to Beat Trough Abandoned 2 The Forest

The Trough Abandoned 2: The Forest is the second game after its predecessor Trough Abandoned: the underground city.

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In this mystery adventures game, your search for your missing twin brother who has disappeared from the world.

It’s a Puzzle game where you go through the different levels and progress in the game by solving various puzzles.

It is a short but still challenging point & clicks adventure game, It continues where the last game left off.

Other than continuing the search for the missing brother, our protagonist is also trying to figure out where are all the people and who they are.

Here you follow the trail of the protagonist’s brother and explore the new Abandoned world.

It’s as I mentioned before 2nd game in a series of 3 Games.

The Gameplay is similar to the first game except of course you are in another abandoned world and mostly in the forest instead of the Underground city.

This game is available on Steam and Amazon.

How to Beat Abandoned 2: The Forest?

In Process to Beat Beat Abandoned 2 The Forest, you simply have to figure out how to solve the puzzles.

If you are the kinda person who loves to solve puzzles, this game is for you.

It is not really tough and sometimes players get stuck sometimes and spend countless hours figuring out how to proceed.

We all know that really… really frustrating.

We all play video games to release stress and have fun but if the game is the root of stress, there is no shame in taking a shortcut.

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Here is the Guide by WalkThroughKing website where you will find textual instructions on how to finish the game.

Also, it has answers to all the available puzzles, how to unlock keys, Hidden paths, and more.

If you are someone who rather prefers Watching video Walkthroughs instead of reading, you can Watch Play Through of Abandoned Series by SirTapTap, which includes full gameplay of All 3 games in this series.

Full walkthrough of all 3 abandoned games

If you still having difficulty during Gameplay and needs an answer to a specific question you can ask it here in the comment section.

You can also ask the Steam users who played or playing this game in Steam Community.

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Other Questions

What do you do with the shovel in Abandoned 2?

You can use the shovel in the desert to dig in the sand. Once you dig in the desert you can pick up the golden rod. The shovel can be grabbed at the very beginning of this game.

How to get the skull in abandoned 2?

You will find Skull inside the bunker during gameplay. To get the skull, you have to unlock all 3 wheel segments and press the red button above the wheel. Once the cabinet is unlocked you can take the skull from the cabinet.

Is there are website where can i find all codes for this game?

You can find the full Walkthrough and all the codes of this game on Walkthrough King website. However, I recommend you give your honest try before using that. Unless you are really stuck on some level, it is better to figure out things on your own.

How can I solve the forest box puzzle?

Inside the apartment, you will find a box on the bed. You have to turn the power to it and move the 8 symbols around to their right sequence within 23 moves to solve the forest box puzzle.

How do you Solve an Abandoned color cube?

The solution for that cube is that you have to match the cube to the color of the lever.

How do I get through the abandoned game?

These games are all about finding a clue, and solving puzzles. You have to use items that you have to find in the wilderness to solve puzzles.

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