How to Beat Level 133 on Tomb of the mask? – Walkthrough Guide

Tomb of the Mask is an Arcade game with lots of levels.

However, some players find one specific level quite difficult to beat and which is level 133.

So, here in this gaming guide, we are going to talk about How to Beat Level 133 on Tomb of the mask.

How to Beat Level 133 on Tomb of the Mask?

Beat Level 133 on Tomb of the mask

Tomb of the Mask is an arcade game where a player walks through infinite procedurally generated vertical labyrinths.

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This game is full of traps, different game mechanics, and powerups which you will cover as you proceed through different levels.

Whether you prefer gaming on your Smartphone, PC, or Nintendo Switch, you can easily access it across these platforms.

This game is for those who enjoy fast-paced puzzles, where you find yourself alone in the tomb with no character, lore, or past to discover.

And that doesn’t matter, since like most Arcade games out there, this fully focuses on the gameplay and all you have to do is just play and complete puzzles.

A tortuous labyrinth is full of unpredictable twists, turns enemy and not to mention traps.

To put it simply –

It’s an infinite arcade adventure game where you jump through the trap-filled maze to explore a mystic tomb and unlock masks with unique powers.

Hence, its name – the tomb of the mask.

However, we are not going into in-depth details about this arcade game, since you might already know all that if you managed to reach beyond level 132 and now wants to finish level 133.

What we are going to talk about here is Level 133, and to put it more specifically How to beat Level 133 on Tomb of the mask.

Tomb of the Mask Level 133 Walkthrough Guide

You can Beat Level 133, just like any other level of this game by avoiding enemies and traps.

Timing is very important here, you just need to find the rhythm of the enemies and traps and jump at the right time to collect dots and jump from wall to wall.

While this sounds like obvious advice, especially for the players who finished 132 and are stuck at this level.

Some of the players, find level 133 quite impossible, but it is far from it.

This could be a little bit difficult but not impossible.

How many levels are in Tomb of the mask?

According to the Tomb of the mask fandom page, this game has over 55o stages.

And this is only at the time of writing this post.

It is possible that in the future version of this game developer will add more stages.

Each of the levels in this game contains rewards such as dots and coins which you must have to collect at the same time avoiding traps and enemies.

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Only levels 1, 110, 351, and 352 are the specific level where you will find no trap or enemies to hurt the player.

The only way to lose during these stages is to quit the game.

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