How to Beat Level 532 on candy crush? – Destroy frogs & More

If you’re struggling to beat level 532 on Candy Crush, this guide can provide you with some useful strategies and tips. These tips will help you reach a perfect score and destroy frogs, so you can move on to Level 533.

Beat level 532 on Candy Crush

How to beat level 532 on candy crush?

Candy Crush which was developed by King is one of the most highly addictive mobile games that has ever been made available.

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This game is available for Android as well as iOS smartphones. You can download it for free from the Google Play store or iTunes app store.

In short, we can say this is a puzzle game. Here players have to match the candy of the same color in the grid to progress thru the game and clear each and every level.

Once you match 3 candies, those candies will be crushed and you have to move on to match different sets of candies until nothing is left.

There are different boosters and mode that makes this game interesting and engaging.

Once you clear a level, you will be progressed to another level.

As you progress the level the difficulty, challenge and obstacles become a little bit harder.

While there are over 10,000 levels in this game, there is one particular level we are going to talk about here and it is – Lever 532.

How to Complete Level 532 on Candy Crush

Completing Level 532, for the most part, is the same as finishing any other level on the Candy crush saga.

While it could be quite tricky to finish the game within just 20 moves, if you play strategically it can be done.

Even if you choose not to use any booster, you Conquer Candy Crush level 532 and emerge victorious with these expert tips & tricks referenced in this article.

How to get through level 532 on candy crush

Here are some tips that will help you to get through the level within the number of allowed moves –

  • Make sure that you make the jellies in the corners and edges of the board your priority. Clearing out these early in the game will give you more room in later in this stage.
  • Just like any other level try to create as many special candies as possible.
  • There are fish candies that you can use to your own advantage. They can be very convenient for those jellies which tough to grasp.
  • Another thing that you have to remember is to keep track of chocolate. Don’t let it spread too far, if that happens it will make harder the game. Make sure to clear it as soon as possible.
  • You can use frogs to clear out candies of the same color. At this level, it will prove especially useful for you.
  • Just like on any other level, You can use boosters to make the game more simple for you. Boosters especially extra moves or special candies might prove useful on this level for you.

How to destroy a frog in candy crush 532

As suggested in the King Community post, you don’t really need to destroy frog, but you can use it strategically to progress through this level.

Just like any other candies available, it can be matched to eat candies that are the same color as the frog.

Use the frog to your advantage by letting it eat the candies in that area.

Once it has eaten enough candies, it will start pulsing. When that happens, you can select it and place it on the other area on the board on this level.

It will continue eating candies of the same color. You can also use the frog to eat black candy that you found in the middle of the screen, but make sure that it doesn’t it too early.

While you can use frogs to your advantage you also have the option to destroy them if you really want to get rid of them.

To do this you have to use boosters like a lollipop hammer which is able to remove any candy from the board.

And using a lollipop hammer you can turn a frog into a striped candy.

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A newly turned striped candy will remove that particular row or column where it is located.

Other FAQs

How do you get rid of frogs in level 532 Candy Crush?

Using boosters such as a lollipop hammer, you can get rid of frogs in the Candy crush saga.

How do you make the frog go away in Candy Crush?

You can’t actually get the frog away from the board. But you can use it to eat candies of the same color. That way you can progress through the level easily.

What is the goal of level 532 in the Candy Crush Game?

Your goal in level 532 is clear 11 single jelly squares and collect 1 candy frog movement in 15 moves or fewer

How do you pass Candy Crush Level 532?

In level 532, your objective in order to clear the level is clear 11 individual jelly squares and collect 1 candy frog in 15 moves or less.

How do you break the frog in Candy Crush Saga?

Yes, you can break a frog in this game. In order to achieve this you have to match it with other candies of the same color. You can also choose to combine it with other candies of the same color.

Can you pass this level in 20 moves without using any boosters?

Yes, it’s completely possible for you to pass this level without using any boosters within only 20 moves

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