How to beat level 19 on Ovo? – Finish Little spike house

Level 19 on the Ovo game could be quite tricky for some players especially those little spike houses could be quite troublesome.

However, by following this guide you can easily beat level 19 on Ovo, without breaking a sweat, just like the previously published guide on How to Beat level 47 on Ovo.

How to Beat Level 19 on Ovo in 2023?

Ovo is one of the most popular 2D platform games presented by Coolmath games.

The game is available for your Smartphone as well as for your Computer.

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You can play this game on your PC using any available web browser from heading over to the cool math games website or its own official website.

If you are a fan of speedrunning as well as platformer games, you must try it.

The Game option includes sliding, jumping, running from wall to wall, and of course just like Tomb of the mask jumping from wall to wall.

While it offers many options to pass through each level, ultimately it’s up to you to make your movement dynamic and finish Ovo in your own way.

Although this game is relatively straightforward with simple control there is one particular level where players could find themselves stuck.

And that level is Level 19.

So that is why in this article we are going to discuss How to Beat Level 19 on Ovo.

Tips and Process to finish OvO Level 19

Trying to beat level 19 can be quite difficult for some playing, because of those long spikes that you are in this level.

You have to jump and glide through those spikes in the process to finish level 19.

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Well here are a few tips and guides that helps you beat this level –

  1. Just when you start on level 19, glide through the first two sets of spikes.
  2. After you reach the tall wall, using the right arrow key grab onto that wall.
  3. Now Jump using the up arrow key or button (Depending on which platform you are playing this game).
  4. With the combination of Trampoline and wall jumps you can reach the second floor of this level.
  5. Smoothly slide and jump over those small spiked which you will find on the ground.
  6. Pass through the dotted wall that you will find next.
  7. Once this section is crossed, jump on the ledge above you.
  8. Perform diving jump to cross spikes and dotted wall. Press the arrow keys to move in any direction you want.
  9. On the third level, you have to first few spikes with slide jump. Timing is important here.
  10. Finally, cross the spikes with a narrow opening using a slide jump.

Once you finish the third floor and pass through those little spike houses you’ll have successfully beat level 19 on Ovo.

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