What is Python and What you can do with it?


Here in this post, I am Going to show you that What is Python Programming Language. In terms of Definition, Python is a High level, interpreted Programming Language that comes with Dynamic Binding and a high-level built-in data structure. In a few recent years, this one becomes the Most popular programing language and there are very Good reasons behind it.

What is python

Python is Very easy to type and the Syntax of Python programming language is easy to remember. What’s more, this can be used in almost all kinds of the project From software development to Web development programmers are using this programming language for almost all of their project for rapidly fast development. In terms of Ai development, this is the first Choice.

It’s easy to Fall in love with Python because it offers all those things which we did not find in all of the programming languages. It increases productivity and no matter what thing you are Going to built there is a high chance you will find the related python module. So most of the time you will not need to Write the code from Scratch, This will save you time and make writing programs fun again.

Here are the things that Python can Do –

  1. Python is Designed for Works for different platforms including Linux, Windows, Mac, Rasberry pi. You can even install the Python interpreter for your Android of iOS phones, There are Apps out there that will helps you to Write a program using python with your Smartphones.
  2. The syntax is much easier and straightforward as compare to other Programing languages. You can just print Hello world just by typing print(“Hello World!”) . Easy isn’t it.
  3. The easy syntax allows you to do the job in few lines only which take dozens of lines in other programming languages.
  4. Unlike Java this will not force you the Object-Oriented Programing, you can use it in both Procedural way or Object-oriented way as per your Choice.

So what you think about Python you can Write your Opinions in the Comment section below.


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