How to Set up Python Development Environment in Atom

If you want to use Atom as your Code editor then you’ll find this post helpful. Here in this article, I am Going to show you How to Set up Python Development Environment in Atom.

Atom is probably the best open-source code editor Available online. This allows you to use almost all of the programming languages in one place without any difficulty.

For example, if you use Python IDE like PyCharm then you will notice that it does not provide you with good tools if you are using other languages like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript as well in your Project.

But code editors like Atom and VsCode Editor are customizable as per the need of the user.

So without waiting, Let’s get started.

Set up Python Development Environment in Atom

Sure there are tons of Code editors available for your Online waiting to Install, Most of them are even free. But Atom is personally my Favorite. Not only it is open source but I can customize it fully as per my need. From the Themes, Fonts Everything here is Customizable.

We can even expand the functionality by Adding packages as per our needs. Do you forget to save your Projects? use Autosave package, Lazy to type whole code? use Autocomplete packages. There is a package available for all of your needs and it has a very large community of coders.

First, install a Few Packages

You can start writing Python code right away in the atom. Just open the code editor, Write code, Save the file as .py file, and run it with your Terminal. But if you want to set up Your Python development environment where you can easily work then there are a few packages that you need to Install.


Most programmers are Lazy, That’s why they create programs that do Boring repeating tasks for them. If you belong to our Lazy coder community then you will find Autocomplete Python package very very helpful. This Will not only suggest your code but also presents your best matching code from all over the Documentation of Python Packages.

If you can even search Questions on StackOverflow while writing the Code. This Package uses Kite free version.

Atom File Icons

There are tons of File icon packages out there on Atom library. You can choose from them the one which fits you. It’ll make it easy for you to distinguish between different file Types without reading file names.

Linter-flake8 Package

This is a Modular Source code checker tool for you. You also need to Install the Flake 8 using pip to use this tool. One of the most recommends tools so you won’t make silly mistakes.

Minimap package

Once your Code becomes very long, It’s very hard to Find a particular code or Something in your Code. The Minimap helps you in this case.

python-autopep 8 package

This package automatically formats your Python Code to the Latest style guide.

Atom beautify

Not only for python but for most of the major Programming/Script languages it beautifies your Code in the atom code editor.

So that’s all you need to install to Set up Python Development Environment in Atom. If you have any questions in your mind then you can Ask in the Comment section.

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