Best Python books for Advance Python Programmers to master Coding

You probably read my previous article about the Best Python books for Beginners and the Best Python books for intermediate Python programmers.

Here in this post, we are going to take one step ahead and going to discuss the Best Python books for Advance Python Programmers.

So here when I say the “Advance Python Programmer” I didn’t mean the Programmer who masters Everything that Python has to offer (Which is impossible at least for people who have only one lifetime), I simply mean the programmers who Master the Core concepts of Python along with Python Object-Oriented Programming.

The Programmers who can easily identify the problems and are Able to create Python programs for those problems are somewhat considered Expert programmers.

Also remember, Here I am not going to share the Books which help you in one field of Python but here the Books I am Going to share will improve, and enhance your ability to code in Python further.

These Books are more like a compliment to everything you learn till now and also challenge you to use different approaches to programs.

So without any further ado, Let’s get started.

Best Python Books for Advance Programmers

Here are The 10 Best Advance Python Books for the programmers who mastered the core concept along with Object-oriented programming in Python.

Serious Python

Serious Python: Black-Belt Advice on Deployment, Scalability, Testing, and More is written by Julien Danjou and Published by nostarch press.

This book is basically a collection of Tips, Tricks of a real-world approach to solving various problems in python. Not only Python Problems, Python programs, and their solution this book also features interviews with well-known Python developers who are also going to share their own tips, and tricks, with you this book.

This Will help you become an Expert in python by sharpening your programming skills.

This book is written in an interesting way, So you can understand the Concept written in easily. However all of the concept that is written here in this Book for the Advance users.

This will not only sharpen your Programming skills but also teach you how to Avoid common python mistakes and write Efficient, Robust Python code in way less time.

Here are a few things that you are Going to learn with this Book:

  • How to Use decorators, Methods in an effective way.
  • Employ the Functional programming concept of python.
  • It’ll teach you How to Work with relational databases.

High-Performance Python

High-Performance Python: Practical Performant Programming for Humans 2nd Edition by Micha Gorelick and Published by O’Reilly Media, This book will teach how to write High-performance Python codes in a way less time.

This book teaches How to locate performance bottlenecks and fix them to Speed up the python programs.

The High performance not only helps you improve the understanding of the core concept of Python for High performance, But this book will also teach you the uses of the Most popular Libraries such as NumPy, Profilers, and Cython.

Here are a few features of This Book:

  • How to Speed up the computation of Matrix and Vector.
  • How to deploy code faster.
  • How to find bottlenecks in CPU time and memory uses.
  • How to convert the Multiprocessing code in a way that you can run it on to the remote or Local clusters.

Learning Python is easy at least until you finish the Core concept of Python Programming.

On the beginner level programmers, the main focus always writes Python code that works but once we reach the Advance level in Python programming writing effective code is easy.

So for the advanced level programmer, the main focus always has to Write code that takes less time, Runs effectively, and performs perfectly.

In that case, this book will help you.

Effective Python

Effective Python: 90 Specific Ways to Write Better Python (Effective Software Development Series) 2nd Edition by Brett Slatkin is also the recommended read if you are an Advance Python programmer.

Time by time, I mentioned this thing again and again that it’s easy to get started with Python. But Once the person reaches a certain level, It’s really become difficult, That’s why most Beginner level python programmers just give up the hope of becoming a programmer.

For example, See YouTube to see the view count on the very first video of Any YoutTube Tutorial series which teaches python, and then compare it to the last video.

Most Beginner who gets started think that it’ll be always sunshine and rainbows, That every python program will be simple as writing your first Python “hello world” on command shell, but unfortunately, it isn’t.

However, if you are reading this post now, I assume that if already cross the beginner and intermediate levels of Python programming and you really start enjoying Python Programming.

The Effective Python book is completely beneficial to all Beginners, intermediate, and Advance level python programs because it only informs you about Python’s common pitfalls but its strength, charms, and expressiveness that make you fall in love with Python and help you become a better python programmer easily.

Python High Performance

Python High Performance: Build high-performing, concurrent, and distributed applications are written by Gabriele Lanaro and published by Packt publishing.

This book simply teaches you simply three Mytras to Write your own high-performing code.

The three mantras are:

  • Make it run: Of course as the programmer our first priority is to write a code that actually runs. When writing a program our first program always will be to write a program that actually does what was it supposed to do.
  • Make it right: What we can do to make our program better? we can write a few lines of code that can replace 50 lines of unnecessary code or we can more easy to understand.
  • Make it fast: Once we create a good Python program that runs as expected our final goal should be to structure this to run fast and smoothly as possible.

This book will teach you these 3 Mytras and how to apply them to your Python projects.

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