10 Best Python Books For Intermediate Programmers

If you just master the fundamentals of Python programming and become well aware of the nuts and bolts that make python work. You may be looking for further resources that help you master the subject.

So if you are an intermediate Python programmer who is familiar with the Python Basic but still not very comfortable with taking your own projects then you are in right place.

Here I am going to share the list of Best Python Intermediate Books for Programmers who are in Intermediate level of Python programming.

Best Python Books For Intermediate Programmers

Best python books for Intermediate Programmers

Python is a high-level programming language. Start learning it easy, learning the fundamentals of it is also. Even you can found thousands and thousands of Courses online, Hundreds of Books and YouTube tutorial that helps you to get started with Python.

But what about after that, What when you master the fundamentals of Python programming and have no idea where to.

Once you master all of the Python fundamentals, Basics you successfully reached the Intermediate level that’s where the real programming starts.

And from that’s where thousands the dozens of paths divide. Like if you want to become a Web developer then you can learn Django and Flask, If you won’t be a software developer then you can start learning Tkinter or so on and so on.

But before all that You to become fluent in Python, You have to master the Object master the Python Object-oriented programming, You have to become so cozy with Python that you can easily create any kind of roadmap for the program easily.

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That’s why you need books. If you reach the intermediate level of Python programming that will help you master python and then you can easily reach the step of Advanced python programmer.

Python Playground

Python Playground: Geeky Projects for the curious programmer by Mahesh Venkitachalam. Published by Nostarch press.

Just like other Nostarch press books, this is not a typical boring programming but an Absolute amazing Entertaining, Interesting easy to read and follow thru book.

Once you learn the programming fundamentals you can start reading this book. Python playground offers a project-based approach.

Meaning that it will teach you some theory and then teach you to create real-life Python programs step by step. Not only that it’ll help you get started with the most common Python libraries like NumPy, matplotlib, and pygame.

Fluent Python

Fluent Python is written for the programmers who are seeking to advance their Python programming skills and becoming fluent in Python.

This book is recommended for the Coder who masters the fundamentals of Python programming who wants to develop their fluency to the next level.

It will teach you Python data model, Data structures, Functions as objects, Object-oriented idioms, Control flow, and more in a practical manner so you can use them to build real life Python projects.

The Hitchhiker’s Guide to Python

If you are a fan of science fiction then you probably already read the Book Hitchhiker’s guide to Galaxy.

Just like the story, this book has an unconditional yet interesting approach to make you aware you create Amazing and effective projects from the scratch.

This book picks you up from the Novice Python programmer and helps you to become a master of this Language. This book is not available in the Paperback format but you can also read it online on the internet for free.

It is collaboratively written by more than hundreds of members of the Python community. It does not only teach you how to code but also How to do it effectively.

More so it teaches you the Best practices that are used by Python programmers.

Python Tricks: A Buffet of Awesome Python Features

Python Tricks : A Buffet of Awesome Python features by Dann Bader will teach you How to write great Python code in the.. Pythonic Way?

It provides you simple example with a step-by-step narrative and helps you to understand How to do it, How something works,s and why it works that way.

Starting with Python is easier as Compare to a programming language is easier But mastering it? well, that is an entirely different thing for that this book will help you.

It will help the Intermediate Python programmer to learns the ins and outs of Python and help you in a way so you will be able to write Clean Python programs.

Python 3 Object-Oriented Programming

Learning the basic building block of Python like Variables, Data Type, List, Dictionaries, Tuples even method is very, very easier but when you step up from them and Head over to understand Object-Oriented Programming you just step into an entirely different realm.

Especially if Python is your First programming language and if you don’t have any clue what is Object-Oriented Programming is?

This Book is a comprehensive guide which entirely dedicated to one thing: To teach you Python Object-oriented Programming in a very detailed manner.

Python 3 Object-Oriented Programming: Build robust and maintainable software with object-oriented design patterns in Python 3.8 is in the 3rd Edition (Yup its full name of the) is One of the best books to understand Python object-oriented programming.

Once you master Object-oriented programming nothing will stop you to make a greater Python Application.

Classic Computer Science problems with Python

Classic Computer Science problems with Python is written by David Kopec who also write Classic computer science problems in Java and Classic computer science problems in Swift.

This book is well recommended for computer science students who are looking for a book to deepen their understanding of Practical computer science with Python.

This Book uses Both Python and Computer science theories to help you understand Application, Data, and Concepts behind old and new ideas of Programming.

This is targeted to the Intermediate programmers and teaches you Search algorithms, Common techniques of Graphs, neural networks, Genetic algorithms, Adversarial search, and more in one book.

Impractical Python Projects

Python is part of Computer science and everything in science supposed to make sense.

Unless you are a JavaScript programmer, Everything in Programming follows certain sets of rules.

Impractical Python projects are not as Impractical as their name suggests. Just the project that you will build using this book will be impractical.

Just as mentioned in the Book description this book will pick up where complete beginner books leave off.

If you read the Python Crash course and Automate the Boring Stuff with Python, this book will be the perfect next step to enter the World of Python project where you Start creating projects.

This will book not only teach you but help you to develop your problem-solving skills which are an absolute requirement for being a Good programmer.

Modern Python Cookbook

Modern Python cookbook is part of Subgenre of Programming books which actually offers you recipes for Certain python programs and projects.

The modern python cookbook is one of them.

This Book offers you 133 recipes to develop flawless, Expressive python programs.

You just have to see the code, type it and then run the program and then try to write on your own.

Functional Python programming

Functional Python programming is a book that’ll teach you Functional programming in python. Written by Steven f. lott this is the 2nd edition of this Book which is updated for the latest Python version.

It’ll teach you expressive implementations of Functional programming in Python.

Python One-liners

Yet another book from NoStarch press and again, another enjoyable read; Which barely can be said about the book which supposed to teach you programmed.

However, NoStarch books always do well does in that regard.

This book is written for Intermediate level python programmers who have Good enough experience with Python to write simple codes.

This book will not only enhance your knowledge to write python codes but also helps you learn to use various tools that are used in Python.

Here the first Chapter the Python refresher will help you revise the fundamentals of python programming from Chapter 2 you can start writing simple one-line python codes.

So that’s the collection of all the Python intermediate books for programmers that I find helpful. Which one of your favorite and which one you are going to read first?

You can mention that in the comment section. Also if there are other Python books that are great but I didn’t share here, You can mention that also in the comment box down below.

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