How to Install Python on Linux [Installation on Ubuntu]

Here in this short Guide, I’ll guide you if you wondering How to Install Python on Linux. Linux is the ideal OS for Programming and Web Development. Most of the Programs, That a programmer need comes pre-installed in Linux even there a Techy can Customize the Linux as per their need. For Python Programmer Linux is the most recommended OS. To Build using Python we first need to Install Python, For most of the Linux Distribution, it is easy enough.

How to install Python on Linux

If you are using Linux, It is likely that the Python is already installed on your system. If not, then you can also easily install on Your Linux OS just by Terminal.

How to install Python on Linux

So unlike Windows and Mac, it’s easy to install here But at the same time, it can be complex. The Command may be different for the Distribution that you are using. Here in this article, I am Assuming you are Using Ubuntu which is one of the most popular Linux Distro. If you are using it then you can Follow the process as it to Install Python on Linux Machine.

So in case if you want to install Python on Linux then you have to follow the procedure Step-By-Step.

  1. Before installing Python on your Linux, We have to make sure that Python is not installed on your Machine. Or at least check the version which is installed.
  2. To do so first open the Terminal and Type “python –version” Without Quotes, It will show you the Python version if it installed on your computer.
  3. Most of Linux Distributions, have Python 2 installed on them. For some Python 3 comes Preinstalled. However, Chances are none of them have to latest version.
  4. So if you want to install the latest version then Type “sudo apt-get update” and then “sudo apt-get install python3.8” here Replace 3.8 with the latest version or the version that you want to install.
  5. Once it is Done you check installation using “python –version” or “python3 –version” if you have both Python 3 and Python 2 installed on your Linux.

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