Best Python Books for Beginners to Learn Python from Scratch

To this date Python is the most popular and at the same time fastest-growing programming language. On top of that as compared to any other programming, it’s much, much easier to start learning Python. Their dozens of ways that anyone can start learning from themselves, But still one of the most recommended ways is by books.

Best Python Books

There are probably thousands and thousands of books available for learning, and choosing the right one is really a difficult task. To make things easy for beginners here I am going to provide you with a list of the Best Python Books for Beginners.

So without any further delay let’s get started.

Python Crash Course

Python crash course by Eric Matthes in my opinion is the best Python book available for Those who just started learning the Python programming language. This book not only introduces you to each and every fundamental concept of this language but also offers a Hands-on, Project-based approach to approach programming.

This book is divided into two sections. In the first section, you will learn the fundamentals to get started in python, and in the second section, you will start building the Python project.

So here you will not only understand the theory but also apply those concepts to practical projects.

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Automate the boring stuff with Python

Once you finished the Python Crash coursebook, the Second step is to read Automate the boring stuff with python by Al Sweigart.

Published by the same publishing house as the Python Crash course, This book will help beginners to reach the intermediate level so they can start writing Python codes fluently.

This book is not beginner-friendly as previously mentioned books but is more of gear toward practical programming.

Learning the fundamentals is good but what good it does if you never use them in real life? That’s why once you are familiar with the fundamentals of Python programming you have to read this book.

Once you will read this book you will fluent enough in Python to create small-scale personal projects.

Headfirst Python

O’Reilly’s head first Books were always one of the most easily digestible programming books for newbies. The Headfirst Python which Paul Barry writes is no exception in this regard.

If you are a person who enjoys dinner parties more than Classroom lectures then you will enjoy this book. However, you also need to be serious about learning to program simultaneously.

This book may be a bit old (Its last version was published in the year 2010 ) but most of the concept is still the same so it won’t be any problem.

Using this book you will quickly master the fundamentals of Python programming in a manner that is enjoyable

Learn Python the Hard Way

Learn Python the hard way is exactly what its name suggests, This one will teach you Python but the hard way.

If headfirst Python offers an interesting and enjoyable way to learn Python with this book you will learn Python Boring in and lengthy way.

If you already know any other Programming language the Chances are you will like this book as compared to others because it is a more practical book and teaches you the basic building blocks of Programing the hard way.

Also, learning python the hard way is made available online for free by Author. So you don’t have to wait for your Physical copy to arrive to start learning or not need to buy at all.

Core Python Programming

Core Python Programming is written by the author of one of the Best Java Books Dr. R. Nageswara Rao.

All of the fundamentals of programming here is explained in a practical manner with necessary examples and definition of What it is, How it works, and how to use it in practical applications.

This book clearly explains the concepts and explains how the code works line by line in layman’s terms.

This book is Good for both absolute beginners who just started learning programming and Programmer who have a good understanding of any other Programming language Like Java, PHP, or C sharp.

Beginning Programming with Python for Dummies

Beginning Programming with Python for Dummies is one of the most Simple, Beginner friendly programming books to learn Python by yourself.

Just like any of them for dummies books by Willey publishing house, this one can be a great start if you are completely Novice in this subject.

If you are having a hard time understanding Python programming then this book is for you. Once you finish this book you will know the Fundamental building blocks of Python language and you will be confident enough to start out learning more complex programming concepts.

This is a very easy read and you can easily practice the code and exercise mentioned in this book.

Python for kids

Python for Kids is another Masterpiece published by nostarch press. This book is written by Jason R. Briggs and published in December 2012, it is one of the friendliest Python books available if you want to teach your Kids Python programming or want to learn Python programming if you are a kid.

It provides Chater by Chapter perfect introduction to Python for Kids. Most programming books are written in a certain way so that a person who has some previous knowledge of technology understands them.

But this one has the Right amount of technical information and a playful tone so while learning Programming kids will not get bored.

Python Workout

Not Aim especially toward beginners, but the beginner who at least master the fundamentals of Python.

This book is one of the best practical books available to get your hands dirty and start to understand how to make programs and what makes Python tik.

So if you are a person who had enough with the basic stuff and understands the fundamentals and wants to start building practical applications then this book is for you.


So that’s the collection of books if you are just a beginner in Python. You don’t have to read all those books to become fluent in Python programming, You just have to choose the Book that works for you and start learning.

It’s also ideal to mix up various learning techniques, You can read and work on those books while you are Learning python from an Online course or YouTube video series.

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