How to skip cutscenes in God of war Ragnarok?

Here in this another gaming guide, we are going to discuss How to skip cutscenes in the god of war Ragnarok? or is this even possible for players to skip cinematic to get straight up to gameplay?

How to Skip cutscenes in the god of war Ragnarok

How to Skip cutscenes in the god of war Ragnarok

God of War: Ragnarok is the latest released title in the God of War video games series by Santa Monica studio.

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While the game is as of now (at the time of writing this article) only available for the Playstation consoles, it gained huge popularity among fans, just like its predecessor in the franchise God of War (2018).

There are many new features added by the developers while most of the things remain the same.

One of these things is the inability to skip the cutscene.

Yes, Unfortunately for those who already finished the game and are on their new playthrough to just experiance the fighting sequence, You can’t skip any of the cutscenes in this game.

Why isn’t it possible to Skip Cutscenes in GOW: Ragnarok?

Not adding the Cutscene is the decision made by the developers, Just like any other decision to add or remove a particular feature.

There is a large number of games both on consoles and PC which allow players to skip dialogues.

Usually (On PC) it can be done by pressing the space button while the scene is playing.

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There might be different keys for the different games, but the experiance of skipping cutscenes only comes from Bethesda games.

Coming to the point of God of war Ragnarok again – one thing that I can say with absolute certainty is that there is no such option in the game that allows you to skip cutscenes.

Whether it’s a dedicated skip button or a special option in-game setting, currently there is no way you can skip cutscenes during gameplay.

It might be possible for the GOD of War (2018) PC version if a modder takes an interest and decides to create a mod that allows you to Skip cutscenes in the game.

But for Ragnarok, there is no such hope, and highly unlikely that developers are going to add this feature at this stage.

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