How to Create Virtual Environment using Anaconda

Here we are Going to Discuss How to Create Virtual Environment using Anaconda. Anaconda is the best Distribution platform for Python. Whether you are an Expert in your Field or the Beginner Programmer of Python you’ll find Python much more manageable and easy to use using Anaconda. Especially when working on Data Science Project, Multiple projects at once this offer you a wide range of Amazing tools and all that for free.

How to Create Vertual Enviromnent using Anaconda

Creating the Virtual Environment is one of the most essential things to Do when you are Working on the Multiple projects. Even if you are not working on Different projects, its always recommended to Use Virtual Environment in case you need a list of All packages that you need for your project when it’s out of Debugging and enter the Production face.

How to Create Virtual Environment Using Anaconda

You can create a Virtual Environment using Anaconda by using Terminal or GUI. To create by terminal you need to enter Multiple commands and it defeats the Whole purpose that why we want to do with Anaconda in the first place.

Vertual Env Version Choose

So here I am Going to show you that How to Create Virtual Environment Using Anaconda Navigator –

  1. First Choose “Anaconda Navigator” from the Start menu and Wait till the Anaconda navigator will open.
  2. Once it opens Click on Environment on the left sidebar.
  3. Here you’ll see the List of environment that you created. If you haven’t created any you’ll see the only root which is created by Anaconda by default.
  4. Click on Create button, Give your Environment name and Then Choose the Python Version from Drop Down menu.
  5. Finally hit to Create button.
  6. Now just wait till the Creation will be finished.

Creating and Managing the Virtual Environment on Python is not very Complex but you must agree it’s a little bit tedious, especially when we have to Activate it when we open the terminal to run our program.

Anaconda allows you to set your Virtual Environment to Default so it will run Automatically every time you want. Also, you can Delete it, in on simple click.

So that’s why Using Anaconda to Create a virtual environment is a better idea over any other Virtual Environment packages.

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