How to Buy PS5 In India: Playstation 5 Cost, Price, Specs, & Pre-Order

Do you want to Know How to Buy PS5 India right now, What is the cost of the Playstation 5?

How to Buy PS5 in India Now

Here is How to Buy PS5 India right now:

  1. First Head over to the PS5 Flipkart Page.
  2. Tap on Buy now button. In case the product is out of stock you will see Notify me button.
  3. If the product is in stock you can buy it right away from Flipkart.
  4. If the product is out of stock you can opt to receive a notification to buy when it will be back in stock.

Once you Buy a PS5 from Flipkart you will see the expected delivery date when you will receive your Playstation 5.

What is the Cost of PS5 in India

The maximum retail price of a Playstation 5 is 49,990.

You can Buy PS5 online at this price from an online eCommerce store such as Flipkart.

It is the price of the PlayStation 5 (CFI-1008A01R) version, the price may differ for the different models.

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PS5 console comes with the following specs:

Console TypeConsole
Sound120Hz output
ControllersDualsense Wireless
Warranty1 Year
Storage825GB SSD


Is Buying PS5 Worth in India?

It all depends on your Gaming needs. PS5 provides the best quality if you are an avid gamer. There is also another alternative like Gaming PC but considering the prices of GPU, Playstation 5 seems a cheaper option.

Is PS5 Available in India now?

Yes PS5 is available in India. You can order it online from Flipkart.Com.

Is PS5 launched in India?

PS5 launched in India a long time ago. It is already available to buy online as well as in offline stores.

How much does the PS5 cost in India?

The last time we checked the price of PlayStation 5 in India was around 49,990 rupees. However, the price is subject to change due to various factors.

How to buy PS5 Digital Edition in India?

PS5 is available in two variant Playstation 5 console and Playstation 5 digital edition. Due to shortage, for now, you can order only a PS5 console.

How to PS5 Pre-order in India

Playstation 5 is already launched in India so there is no need to Pre-order. However, due to high demand chances are it would go out of stock more frequently. In that case, you can wait till they restock or try to buy from local sellers.

How to Buy PS5 from Amazon?

PS5 is not available on Amazon. In, now, you can order it online only from Flipkart.Com.

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