How to Beat Level 98 on Brain Test in Just 3 Seconds

Brain Test Level 98 presents you with a puzzle – The baby is crying again. I suspect she is gassy.

If you progress through the game, you have to solve this puzzle.

However, sometimes players have difficulty solving these puzzles.

It’s completely natural since not every individual knows the answer to every puzzle and sometimes we need help or just a little bit of a hint.

And this article is just for that.

How to Beat Level 98 on Brain test

How to Beat Level 98 on Brain Test

Previously we have talked about How to Beat Level 91, which was one of the trickiest and out-of-the-box Questions in this game.

And this game actually full of these brain teasers which really test your thinking, creativity, and problem-solving skills.

Each time you think yourself smart, this game will present something that is really hard to answer.

You can of course think for hours and hours to come up with the right answer.

Sometimes that works, sometimes it doesn’t and you really just want to get the answer to that question, no matter what.

For that purpose, this post exists, well at least for Level 98, Since here we are going to talk about How to Beat Level 98 on Brain test.

How do I beat Level 98 on Brain test?

The Level 98 brain test assigns you a task, and the task is – “The baby is crying again. I suspect she is gassy”.

You have to make sure that baby does not cry, and you have to figure out how to do it using your wits and brain.

If you just want a clue, not the answer, all I can say is pay attention to the part “Gassy”.

You have to help the baby to relieve gas, once that is done, the puzzle is solved and you can move on to the next level.

Figuring out the solution for this puzzle lay in that part.

If you perform your job correctly you will be rewarded with a happy baby face instead of one who is crying.

Sure if you have enough, you can skip this level, but where is the fun in skipping the quest?

However, even with the hint, you might face difficulty.

If that happens you can read the next heading How do you finish Level 98 on brain test.

How do you do Level 98 on Brain test?

The Puzzle is “The baby is crying again. I suspect she is gassy”

Here you will see and hear a crying baby.

Of course, you have helped the baby.

You can help baby and once you did your part she will no longer cry and you will pass the Brain test level 98 successfully.

Off course figuring out what you have to do here is the difficult part of the puzzle.

And here is the answer in the simplest term.

You have to rub the belly of the baby a few times.

That way you can help her pass the gas and she will no longer be gassy.

And once that is done Brain test Level 98 is completed successfully.

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