Gross Multiplayer Mode Release Date and Time – 2023 Updates

Gross is one of the recent entries in the tower defense game. However, unlike many titles in this genre, this game is still in single-player PvE where players have to fight against hordes of zombies to secure their base. In this article, we will provide the latest information on the Gross Multiplayer Mode release date and time or any other update on Co-op and PvP modes.

Gross is one of the latest yet one of the best video games for fans of tower defense games which is developed by Hangry owl games.

The first free demo for this game was first released in 2022 on 22 April and the game is released officially on 11th January 2022.

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Basically GROSS is Single players tower defense first-person shooter strategy game with PvE, lots of dark humor, and a bit of gore.

For those who don’t know Tower defense is a genre in itself while at the same time, it’s a subgenre of strategy games.

Just like any other Tower defense game, here as a player, your goal is to defend your base against AI-controlled enemies.

According to the publisher’s own words – “This is a hybrid of tower defense and first-person shooter with fresh and some unique mechanics”.

Protecting your base is just one of the few aspects of this game, you can also build your base as you saw fit which fits your strategy to fight off enemies.

In this game, you have to protect your base you have to fight zombies who are seeking to destroy your base.

If you have played some other Tower defense you might have realized that there is another thing missing and which is the functionality to play with other players.

So might have wondered why there is no PvP or Co-op mode in this game. Will developers release Gross Multiplayer mode anytime soon?

In this article, we are going to explore Gross Multiplayer Mode Release Date and Time and what developers have to say about Online multiplayer functionality in this tower defense game.

When Gross Multiplayer mode will be released?

Gross Multiplayer Mode Release Date and Time information

As of the time of writing this article (January 30, 2023) developers at Hangry owl games have given no indication or hint that they are going to release Gross multiplayer mode anytime soon.

They are not even working to add multiplayer functionality to this game right now.

That makes sense considering that this whole game is developed by only one person and they had limited resources available.

Adding multiplayer mode in any game will require lots of time and effort

However, there is a chance because Hangry owl also wants to add multiplayer functionality as well in this game.

But the only possible way this game will (If ever) will get multiplayer mode is if generate good revenue on steam.

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If there is any further update on Gross multiplayer mode release Date and Time you will find that here on this page.

Other than checking this site for updates you can also Join GROSS discord server for any further updates on this tower defense PC game.

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