How To Remove HUD in Dead Island and Its Definitive Edition

Dead Island, the action RPG throwing you into a gruesome zombie outbreak, officially launched in 2011 and gathered a cult following in a very short time.

As you already know, the game introduced its definitive edition in 2016 with visual improvements, technical fixes, and all DLC included.

But one thing missing in the original version and unfortunately also absent in the Dead Island Definitive Edition is the option to toggle on/off HUD by choice.

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Well, the HUD is there, but the lack of an option to show or hide it is kinda disheartening, especially for players who love the game’s graphics and want to turn them into wallpaper.

Or for players who want to go hardcore and make the game resemble real life as much as possible.

Well, whatever your reason for removing the HUD in Dead Island, this article has you covered. Here, we’ll provide you with step-by-step instructions on how to remove the HUD in both the Dead Island Definitive Edition and its original version as well.

How to Remove Dead Island HUD

 Remove HUD in Dead Island and Its Definitive Edition

Unfortunately, neither the base game nor the Definitive Edition of Dead Island provides a built-in option to hide the HUD. However, similar to adding other unavailable features, ingenious gamers have created mods to achieve this!

And there is a mod available for Toggle on and off for this game as well.

Remember, separate mods exist for the original and Definitive Editions, so please follow the appropriate steps based on your version.

Here is How to Hide Dead Island HUD –

Hide HUD in Dead Island OG

If you have the Original Dead Island game installed on your computer you can follow this process –

  1. First head over to download page and click the download button
  2. Wait till the download is finished.
  3. Once the “No-HUD.rar” is downloaded extract it into “Document > DeadIsland > out”.

Once that is completed, launch the game, and you’ll observe visible alterations.

This mod will conceal the level, health, stamina, and several other elements.

If you wish to retain certain components within the HUD, you can modify the HUD.xui file located in the out folder.

Remove HUD in Dead Island Definitive Edition

For the players who have the Dead Island Definitive Edition installed on their PC, they can follow this process –

  1. First Head over to this No HUD page.
  2. Download the mod file from there on your PC.
  3. Using any Zip extractor software like 7zip or Winrar extract these mod files where your ‘game.axe’ is located.
  4. Once that is done, simply start the game.
  5. Once you are in the Game you can toggle HUD on/off by simply pressing the “CAPS LOCK” button on your computer keyboard.

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