Generations of Computer – Features, Hardware, and Computers

Here we are going to talk about the Generations of computer. Not only about 5 generations but what set them apart, key hardware technology of each age, and features of each generation of computers. Generations of Computer In Short, there are 5 Generations of computers as of now Generation Key Technology Representative Systems First (1940 … Read more

Evolution of Computers: History, Timeline, Ancient & Modern Computing devices

Here in this chapter, we will cover the Brief history of computers, the Evolution of computers from ancient computing devices to modern handheld computers, different generations, and what they were capable of. Evolution of Computers: Brief History of Computers Computers aren’t new, they existed for a very long time. A computer as per etymology is … Read more

How to Connect Airpods to Android Without Case – Full Guide

Wish to use Apple AirPods with your Android Phone but don’t want to go hunting for your earphone case because you don’t know where exactly you put it? Well, this post will guide you on How to Connect Airpods to Android without Case. How to Connect Airpods to Android without Case Apple AirPods whether you buy … Read more

Introduction to Computer: Definition, Need & Functions of Computer

This chapter contains Introduction to Computer. What exactly is a computer, the Function of a computer & definition of a computer. Introduction to Computer We all have seen computers and We all have used them at one time on Another. In today’s fast-paced world it’s almost impossible to imagine the world functioning in its current … Read more